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  • Q700 M
    Q700 M
  • Q700 M
    Q700 M
  • Q700 M
    Q700 M
  • Q700 M
    Q700 M
  • Q700 M
    Q700 M
  • Q700 M
    Q700 M

Quickie Q700 M

Mid-wheel powered wheelchair

Enjoy the ultimate driving experience with the Q700 M, Quickie's most advanced mid-wheel drive powered wheelchair! Featuring NEW SpiderTrac™ 2.0 suspension, with either the advanced Sedo Ergo biomechanical seating system, innovative controls and the ability to travel at your own pace when elevated with C-ME or the supremely comfortable - and suitable for all - Sedeo Pro seating system and innovative controls.


Age Group: 
  Q700 M
Drive Configuration Mid-Wheel Drive
Overall Base Width 63cm 24.8"
Overall Base Length
(not including footrests)
86cm 33.8"
Turning Circle
Turning radius (QMFM) vs diameter (QUP)
56cm 22"
Ground Clearance 7.5cm 2.9"
Seat to Floor Heights 41.5cm 16.3"
Max Speed 8,10kph
Range 40km
Drive Wheel Size 35.5cm 14"
Castor Wheel Size 15.2cm 6"
Seat Frame Options Sedeo Ergo/Sedeo Pro
Third Party Seating Yes with Special Mounting
Seating Sizes 40.6 - 50.8cm (W)
40.6 - 55.8 (D)
16" - 20" (W)
16" - 22" (D)
Lift 30cm 11.8"
Tilt 50°
Power Recline 90° - 150°
Power Leg Elevate Yes/Swing Away or PCM
Manual Recline 90° - 130°
Electronics R-Net
Specialty Controls Yes
Suspension Spider Trac
Motors 4 Pole
Battery Size 60Ah/72Ah
Chair Weight 140/165kg
Max. User Weight 160kg
Transit Tested Yes


Sedeo Seating

Sedeo Pro

High-end fully adjustable and configurable seating frame with a wide range of comfort cushions and positioning options. Aimed at meeting moderate to complex clinical needs. With a wide range of armrests, armpads, legrests, seat and back cushions, headrests and positioning accessories, Sedeo Pro offers great flexibility to adapt to the individual user needs.

Sedeo Ergo

Sedeo Ergo is a high-end biomechanical seating system, with many programmable seating positions. This system covers the most demanding clinical needs with 180 mm antishear back movement, biometric repositioning function, infinitely adjustable seat and back, easy entry system, 90º knee angle in seated position and pressure relief reminders.