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  • Quickie Krypton F
    Quickie Krypton F
  • Quickie Krypton F
    Quickie Krypton F
  • Quickie Krypton F
    Quickie Krypton F
  • Quickie Krypton F
    Quickie Krypton F
  • Quickie Krypton F
    Quickie Krypton F
  • Quickie Krypton F
    Quickie Krypton F

Quickie Krypton F Wheelchair

Our lightest folding wheelchair ever

Designed with the most advanced engineering, the most beautiful design and the finest materials, we have created the ultimate Quickie. We have created the Krypton F (also available with a rigid frame).

The Quickie Krypton F is our lightest folding wheelchair ever. We have constructed the Quickie Krypton range from the most advanced carbon technology available, producing a staggering strength-to-weight ratio. The result is an ultra-lightweight wheelchair combined with supreme rigidity for an ultra-responsive ride.

Take your seat and you‘ll feel the difference...!


  • JAY Arm Trough

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    JAY Arm Trough

    JAY Arm Troughs help maintain a comfortable and optimal position of the forearms and hands to improve overall upper body posture and head control. The Arm Trough's contoured design and soft foam also help to reduce the risk of skin breakdown.

    Size Arm Trough With Fixed Hardware With Swing Away Hardware
    14" Long 1451-5514-400 1451-5614-0FX


    18" Long 1451-5518-400



    22" Long 1451-5522-400



    14" Long: 1451-5514-400, 14" Long with fixed hardware: 1451-5614-0FX, 14" Long with swing away hardware: 1451-5614-0SA, 18" Long: 1451-5518-400, 18" Long with fixed hardware: 1451-5618-0FX, 18" Long with swing away hardware: 1451-5618-0SA, 22" Long: 1451-5522-400, 22" Long with fixed hardware: 1451-5622-0FX, 22" Long with swing away hardware: 1451-5622-0SA
  • JAY Foot Box

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    JAY Foot Box

    Designed to protect the lower extremities from injury and skin breakdown resulting from periods of high tone, JAY Foot Boxes offer three styles to suit individual client needs.

    Size Height Code With Divider
    Single Standard 1453-5001-STD -
    Tall 1453-5001-TAL -
    12" Full Standard 1453-5012-STD -
    14" Full Standard 1453-5014-STD -
    16" Full Standard 1453-5016-STD 1453-5116-STD
    Tall 1453-5016-TAL 1453-5116-TAL
    18" Full Standard 1453-5018-STD 1453-5118-STD
    Tall 1453-5018-TAL 1453-5118-TAL
    20" Full Standard 1453-5020-STD 1453-5120-STD
    Tall 1453-5020-TAL 1453-5120-TAL
    22" Full Standard 1453-5022-STD 1453-5122-STD
    Tall 1453-5022-TAL 1453-5122-TAL


    Single Standard: 1453-5001-STD, Single Tall: 1453-5001-TAL, 12" Full Standard: 1453-5012-STD, 14" Full Standard: 1453-5014-STD, 16" Full Standard: 1453-5016-STD, 16" Full Tall: 1453-5016-TAL, 16" Full Standard With Divider: 1453-5116-STD, 18" Full Standard: 1453-5018-STD, 18" Full Tall: 1453-5018-TAL, 18" Full Standard With Divider: 1453-5118-STD, 20" Full Standard: 1453-5020-STD, 20" Full Tall: 1453-5020-TAL, 20" Full Standard With Divider: 1453-5120-STD, 22" Full Standard: 1453-5022-STD, 22" Full Tall: 1453-5022-TAL, 22" Full Standard With Divider: 1453-5122-STD
  • JAY Stump Support

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    JAY Stump Support

    Stump support kit option by Jay Seating, which can be fitted to any of the range of Quickie wheelchairs. 

    Pad Size User Side Code
    Standard (8" x 6") Right




    Large (10" x 8") Right





  • JAY Flexi-Feet Wheelchair Shoe Holder

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    JAY Flexi-Feet Wheelchair Shoe Holder

    JAY Flexi-Feet are a dynamic construction to accommodate clients who may experience frequent periods of tone or involuntary movements.



Age Group: 
Code 1577-0000-000
Seat Width 320 - 460mm (in 20mm increments)
Seat Depth 340 - 480mm (in 20mm increments)
Front Seat Height 430 - 550mm
Rear Seat Height 370 - 500mm
Back Height 250 - 475mm
Total Width
Length: 1075mm
Height: 950mm
Backrest Angle  75° - 103°
Camber 0°, 2°, 4°
Max. User Weight 110kg
Product Weight From 5.8kg in transit*
Frame Colours See below
* Frame weight only in the lightest configuration with no wheels, armrests or seating.

Carbon Finishing Options:

1. Clear Coat Gloss: Luxury high gloss clear coat

2. Clear Coat Matte: A noble understand lifestyle

3. Just Black: Black coating, matte or glossy

4. Natural Carbon: Without coating - the very puristic version, weight saving 100g. Looks similar to clear coat matte