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Quickie Iris Wheelchair

Superior standard for rotation-in-space technology

The Quickie IRIS Manual Tilt Wheelchair, ultimate tilt-in-space wheelchair, features up to 55° of Intelligent Rotation in Space Technology.

It also brings the broadest range of positioning and caregiver options, numerous adjustments, and is one of the lightest tilt-in-space wheelchairs available.

Script your Iris wheelchair seating from the Spex range for the ultimate chair set-up!

Clinical Benefits of Tilt in Space

Learn about the clinical benefits of tilt in space as seen on the Quickie Iris.



  • Reverse Configuration Optional

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    Reverse Configuration Optional

    Reverse configuration of the Iris seat top on the base frame combined with 24” wheels can allow the user to better self-propel in some situations.

  • Iris Elevating Leg support

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    Iris Elevating Leg support

  • Iris Swing-Away Hangers

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    Iris Swing-Away Hangers

  • JAY Stump Support

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    JAY Stump Support

    Stump support kit option by Jay Seating, which can be fitted to any of the range of Quickie wheelchairs. 

    Pad Size User Side Code
    Standard (8" x 6") Right




    Large (10" x 8") Right





  • JAY Arm Trough

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    JAY Arm Trough

    JAY Arm Troughs help maintain a comfortable and optimal position of the forearms and hands to improve overall upper body posture and head control. The Arm Trough's contoured design and soft foam also help to reduce the risk of skin breakdown.

    Size Arm Trough With Fixed Hardware With Swing Away Hardware
    14" Long 1451-5514-400 1451-5614-0FX


    18" Long 1451-5518-400



    22" Long 1451-5522-400



    14" Long: 1451-5514-400, 14" Long with fixed hardware: 1451-5614-0FX, 14" Long with swing away hardware: 1451-5614-0SA, 18" Long: 1451-5518-400, 18" Long with fixed hardware: 1451-5618-0FX, 18" Long with swing away hardware: 1451-5618-0SA, 22" Long: 1451-5522-400, 22" Long with fixed hardware: 1451-5622-0FX, 22" Long with swing away hardware: 1451-5622-0SA
  • JAY Foot Box

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    JAY Foot Box

    Designed to protect the lower extremities from injury and skin breakdown resulting from periods of high tone, JAY Foot Boxes offer three styles to suit individual client needs.

    Size Height Code With Divider
    Single Standard 1453-5001-STD -
    Tall 1453-5001-TAL -
    12" Full Standard 1453-5012-STD -
    14" Full Standard 1453-5014-STD -
    16" Full Standard 1453-5016-STD 1453-5116-STD
    Tall 1453-5016-TAL 1453-5116-TAL
    18" Full Standard 1453-5018-STD 1453-5118-STD
    Tall 1453-5018-TAL 1453-5118-TAL
    20" Full Standard 1453-5020-STD 1453-5120-STD
    Tall 1453-5020-TAL 1453-5120-TAL
    22" Full Standard 1453-5022-STD 1453-5122-STD
    Tall 1453-5022-TAL 1453-5122-TAL


    Single Standard: 1453-5001-STD, Single Tall: 1453-5001-TAL, 12" Full Standard: 1453-5012-STD, 14" Full Standard: 1453-5014-STD, 16" Full Standard: 1453-5016-STD, 16" Full Tall: 1453-5016-TAL, 16" Full Standard With Divider: 1453-5116-STD, 18" Full Standard: 1453-5018-STD, 18" Full Tall: 1453-5018-TAL, 18" Full Standard With Divider: 1453-5118-STD, 20" Full Standard: 1453-5020-STD, 20" Full Tall: 1453-5020-TAL, 20" Full Standard With Divider: 1453-5120-STD, 22" Full Standard: 1453-5022-STD, 22" Full Tall: 1453-5022-TAL, 22" Full Standard With Divider: 1453-5122-STD
  • JAY Flexi-Feet Wheelchair Shoe Holder

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    JAY Flexi-Feet Wheelchair Shoe Holder

    JAY Flexi-Feet are a dynamic construction to accommodate clients who may experience frequent periods of tone or involuntary movements.

  • Contracture Platform Footrest

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    Contracture Platform Footrest

    Allows for very tight knees, placement of feet underneath the chair. Length, knee angle, footplate position are all adjustable. Contracture Footplates are positioned underneath and backward (more than 90 degrees reverse). 

    Outside mount: Hanger is attached laterally on the chair

    Inside mount: Attachment is in the middle

      Short Medium Long
    14" 1568-5170-14S 1568-5170-14M 1568-5170-14L
    16" 1568-5170-16S 1568-5170-16M 1568-5170-16L
    18" 1568-5170-18S 1568-5170-18M 1568-5170-18L
    20" 1568-5170-20S 1568-5170-20M 1568-5170-20L

    Image above set up as inside mount. Tip: System does not swing away for transfers. 


Age Group: 
Specifications Quickie Iris
Code 1567-0000-000
Frame Style Rotation-in-Space
Wheelchair Weight From 17.7 kg*
Frame Material  Aluminium
User Weight Capacity Standard: 136kg
Heavy Duty: 180kg
Transit Approved Yes
* Frame weight only in the lightest configuration with no wheels, armrests or seating.
Frame & Feature Specifications Quickie Iris
Seat Widths 14" - 22"
Seat Depths 14" - 22"
Frame Angle N/A
Front Seat-to-Floor Height 12.5" - 19"
Rear Seat-to-Floor Height 12.5" - 19"
Lower Leg Length Setting N/A
Back Height 15" - 21" or 18"-24"
Angle Adjustable Backrest Adjustment Range -30º - 5º
Centre of Gravity (COG) Adjustment N/A
Tilt Range 40º