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  • SoftWheel on a wheelchair
    SoftWheel on a wheelchair
  • SoftWheel on a wheelchair
    SoftWheel on a wheelchair
  • SoftWheel carbon fibre
    SoftWheel carbon fibre
  • SoftWheel aluminium
    SoftWheel aluminium

SoftWheel V3

In-wheel suspension system for a softer ride and improved performance

SoftWheel's innovative suspension system transforms a rider's wheelchair experience! SoftWheel can help reduce pain and provide a more comfortable ride, giving you the freedom to go where you want. 

Advanced Suspension Technology

Technology that's driving the future of transportation - at the center of SoftWheel's technology is an innovative in-wheel suspension system that improves a vehicle's performance. The patented technology can be adapted to several personal mobility applications, providing unique benefits for each. This technology is currently driving innovation in the automotive, bicycle, and wheelchair sectors. 

The benefits are simple...

Improved Health

Can help reduce back and neck pain, and decrease a rider's fatigue at the end of the day.


Keeps the rider steady while going over bumps and obstacles, and remains stable & rigid over flat terrain.

Increased Comfort

Absorbs shock & vibrations on all types of terrain and provides maximum cushioning for the rider.




Reduces Vibrations

Long-term exposure to vibrations has been demonstrated to have a negative impact on people’s health & comfort.

Clinical studies have shown that wheelchair riders are exposed to vibrations that exceed the recommended exposure limits. Health risks associated with vibrations for wheelchair riders include lower back pain, effects on the spine, and muscle fatigue.

“Health risks of vibration exposure to wheelchair users in the community,” Garcia-Mendez Y, Pearlman J, Boninger ML, Cooper RA; The Journal of Spinal Cord Medicine 2013 Jul; 36(4):365-375
​“Analysis of vibrations induced during wheelchair propulsion,” VanSickle DP, Cooper RA, Boninger ML, DiGiovine CP; Journal of Rehabilitation Research and Development 2001 Jul-Aug; 38 (4):409-421


SoftWheel's technology leads to a more stable & smooth riding experience over all types of terrain.

The innovative suspension & damping technology disperses the impact energy, thereby shortening the impact duration and shock magnitude transferred to the rider.

Fewer vibrations are therefore transmitted to the rider, leading to a smoother, more comfortable ride.

SoftWheels are more energy efficient, helping to maintain forward momentum, which can reduce fatigue.


Regular Wheel vs. SoftWheel

In a drop test in the lab, wheels were outfitted with a 50 kg weight and dropped from the height of a standard curb (15 cm). See the difference in performance between a standard wheel and SoftWheel. 



Age Group: 

For maximum performance, SoftWheel is available in 4 stages, customised to a rider’s weight...

Stage Weight (kg) Weight (lbs.)
A up to 50 kg up to 110 lbs.
B 50 - 70 kg 110 - 155 lbs.
C 70 - 90 kg 155 - 200 lbs.
D 90 - 136 kg 200 - 300 lbs.


Size 24"
Hub AL 6061 T6 or high precision CNC
Rim AL 6061 T6
Bearing Diameter US or European standard
Load Limit 136 kg (300 lbs.)
Wheel Weight 1.8 kg (4 lbs.)
Drum Brake Optional


SoftWheel features

  1. Dual system suspension with high & low frequencies
  2. Silent mechanism
  3. Quick axle release
  4. IP55: protected from dust & water
  5. Slim rim with lighter design
  6. Anodised aerospace aluminium

12 month warranty


“SoftWheels are freedom” - David

David Poole, an adaptive athlete, has managed to improve his daily life using SoftWheel on his everyday wheelchair. For him SoftWheels are freedom.

“I don’t have as much pain” - Kim

Kimberley Barreda has been using SoftWheels for over a year and has found that they help her significantly with the pain she used to feel in her wheelchair.

"I give them 25 stars" - Liam

Liam, an 11-year-old boy from NC, USA, is probably the bravest boy we've ever met. Liam has been diagnosed with Chronic Regional Pain & Reflux Neurological Dystrophy at 18 months old, and has been in a wheelchair most of his life. But he never loses his smile. SoftWheel managed to improve his life.

That's why we dubbed him as the #bravestboyintheworld.