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Jenx Standz Abduction Stander

Abducted standing solved easily

Standz abduction standing system offers Prone and Supine abducted standing (of up to 60°). Standz is available with a full range of accessories to accommodate all users, and is suitable for children up to approximately 9 years old.

Inspired by the clinical benefits of abducted standing we have worked closely with therapists from all over the world to ensure the perfect combination of clinical positioning with simplicity of use and are delighted to bring you Standz – our most versatile standing frame yet!

Standz offers Prone or Supine standing and easily accommodates either abducted or neutral leg positioning for children between the ages of 1-9.

Leg length discrepancy is easily accommodated by the individual control for knee and foot positioning and all adjustments are tool free to enable quick and effective clinical postural adjustments. An extensive range of accessories ensures that Standz can accommodate children with a wide range of postural requirements.

Standz Basic Package

Tool free adjustment standing frame including:

  • Base with castors
  • Hydraulic assisted tilt
  • Pelvic and trunk support pads with strap
  • Abducting legs
  • Foot positioning plates
  • Tray mount

Please note, this is a base package to which accessories must be added to achieve function. Refer to the script form to see required accessories.


  • Jenx Standz Standard Knee Support

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    Jenx Standz Standard Knee Support

    For prone or supine configurations. This does not include a strap, and these must be purchased separately.

    There are two strap options for the Standard Knee Support.

    Standard Strap
    (Required for Supine use)
    De-rotational Strap

    Holds knee in position and
    prevents knee flexion

    Cuffs the legs for internal
    and external rotation




  • Jenx Standz Multi-Axis Knee Support

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    Jenx Standz Multi-Axis Knee Support

    For supine configuration only.

  • Jenx Sandals

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    Jenx Sandals

    Available in 4 different sizes to accommodate and size of foot, even when wearing splints, Jenx sandals are interchangeable across the entire range of Jenx seating and standing products. 

    • Straps open from the back facilitating easy stand transfers into prone standing.
    • Straps can be fixed in a variety of ways to achieve the most appropriate support for each child.
    • Independently adjustable to exactly accommodate the optimum foot position.
    • The new quick touch Velcro straps are faster, quieter and hold better than ever before.

    5356-6081-000, 5356-6082-000, 5356-6083-000, 5356-6084-000
  • Jenx Multigrip Head Support

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    Jenx Multigrip Head Support

    The Jenx Multigrip headrest is available in three sizes for a number of Jenx seating and standing systems. All have a choice of various highly flexible fixing brackets dependent on the product it is used with, all of which give adjustment for height, depth, and angle.

    Size Pad Dimension Junior Systems, Multiseat, Multistander, Standz Supine Stander Bee Atom
    1 Link

    330mm (w)
    50mm (d)
    75mm (h)

    5356-4601-000 5350-4601-000 3430-4601-000


    2 Link

    475mm (w)
    50mm (d)
    120mm (h)

    5356-4602-000 5350-4602-000 3430-4602-000


    3 Link

    620mm (w)
    50mm (d)
    120mm (h)

    5356-4603-000 5350-4603-000 3430-4603-000



    Junior 1 Link: 5356-4601-000, Junior 2 Link: 5356-4602-000, Junior 3 Link: 5356-4603-000, Supine 1 Link: 5350-4601-000, Supine 2 Link: 5350-4602-000, Supine 3 Link: 5350-4603-000, Bee 1 Link: 3430-4601-000, Bee 2 Link: 3430-4602-000, Bee 3 Link: 3430-4603-000, Atom 1 Link: 3431-4601-000, Atom 2 Link: 3431-4602-000, Atom 3 Link: 3431-4603-000
  • Jenx Standz Flat Pad Head Support

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    Jenx Standz Flat Pad Head Support

    For children with reasonable head control. For supine configuration only, but can also be used as chest pad in prone configuration.

  • Jenx Standz Flat Shoulder Support

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    Jenx Standz Flat Shoulder Support

    Shoulder support for supine use only (too wide for prone).

  • Jenx Standz Pelvic Support Board

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    Jenx Standz Pelvic Support Board

    For use in prone configuration.

  • Jenx Standz Pelvic Support Back Pad

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    Jenx Standz Pelvic Support Back Pad

    Mounts to the pelvic support board. For use in prone configuration only. 

  • Jenx Standz Multi-Position Tray

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    Jenx Standz Multi-Position Tray

    Mounts to bracket in base package. For both prone and supine use. Includes width adjustable tray extension wings.

  • Jenx Standz Tray Holder

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    Jenx Standz Tray Holder

    When in Supine, the tray needs to be removed to remove the child. Place the tray on the convenient tray holder so you don’t trip over it!



Age Group: 
Specifications Standz
Angle Range 0-90°
Approx Age Range 1-9 years
Max User Height 138 cm
Frame Width 63.5 cm
Frame Length 90 cm
Height (Footplate-Top of Chestplate) 58-100 cm
Chest & Hip Pad Width 18-30 cm
Kneeblock Width 12 cm
Height of Stander (Floor-Top of upper pad) 108 cm
Leg Abduction (per leg) 30°
Max User Weight 45 kg
Footplate Angle (Dorsiflexion) 10°
Footplate Angle (Plantarflexion) -25°