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  • Size 3, Supine configuration
  • Size 3, Horizontal position
  • Size 4, Supine configuration
  • Size 2, Electric version

Ella Stander

A prone and supine all-in-one standing frame for paediatrics to adolescents. Extremely easy to adjust.

Multiplicity of standing options and huge growth range maximises your investment in this versatile aid for individuals with moderate to severe disabilities. Tilt from vertical to horizontal position with gas spring or actuator.

Previously known as the Multistand 2000. 


  • Easy adjustment - change between prone and supine set-up in less than two minutes.
  • New frame design can be dis-assembled for transport - only 2 screws to remove, and only 1 tool (included) needed for assembly and adjustment.
  • Individual knee and foot adjustments for the perfect fit. Adjustments for:
    - Angles in all directions (incl. abduction)
    - Height
    - Width
    - Depth
  • Electric actuator upgrade available.
  • Top class functionality combined with an elegant design.
  • Package includes all accessories seen in the main picture
  • 3 Sizes - see 'Specifications' below for the capacity of each size.


  • Huge growth range
  • 90˚ gas assisted or electric tilt for easy transfers.
  • Stepless support adjustments ensure accurate and comfortable positioning.
  • Swing-away side supports for easy transfer
  • Easy care upholstery can be removed for machine washing.
  • Effortless & Safe Transfers: The frame has good hoist access which facilitates lying the user on, and fastening straps before tilting to the desired standing position.


Age Group: 

Ella Stander Specifications. Refer here for Size 1 & 2

Measurements Size 2 Size 3 Size 4
User Height 90-130 cm 120-155 cm 130-180 cm
Max User Weight 40 kg 55 kg 80 kg
Foot to hip joint 37-61 cm 50-78 cm 59-97 cm
Foot to axilla 56-88 cm 77-106 cm 89-133 cm
Foot to patella 19-32 cm 27-39 cm 30-48 cm
Thoracic Width (side supports) 21-33 cm 25-37 cm 29-40 cm
Hip Width (side supports) 21-33 cm 25-37 cm 29-40 cm
Tilt with gas spring function 90° 90 90
Abduction (max. angle) 44° 40º 40º
Knee Support Inner Diameter
(can be modified with more padding)
Knee Support Depth Adjustment
(position in relation to frame)
5 / 9 cm    
Knee Angle (flexion) 0°-25° (±)

0°-25° (±)

0°-25° (±)

Knee Support width adjustment
(positionin relation to frame)
9 / 5 cm    
Individual Foot Rests  
Foot rest depth adjustment range
(position in relation to frame)
7.5 cm    
Foot rest width adjustment range
(position in relation to frame)
16 cm    
Foot Rotation*  
Supine 20° inwards
30° outwards
Prone 4° inwards
30° outwards
Supine 20°    
Prone 20°    
Plantar flexion    
Supine 20°    
Prone 20°    

* Foot angles measured with the most narrow position for foot rest, restrictions decrease with wider stance.


Dimensions Size 2 Size 3 Size 4
Max Height in vertical Position    
With Headrest 138 cm    
Without Headrest 111 cm    
Max Height in horizontal Position 87 cm 91 cm 78 cm*
Base length 79.5 cm 106 cm 110 cm
Base width 58 cm 71 cm 77 cm

* Swing away side supports


2 years on the frame, 12 months on the upholstery


The Situation: 

This young man is diagnosed with severe developmental delay, and has never tolerated standing frames very well.

As well as having difficulty holding his head up, he has low tone overall, which also meant his trunk tended to collapse into forward flexion in his old prone standing frame.

The school carers had trouble transferring him in and out of his existing standing frame, and it often required 2 or 3 carers to do so. 


The Solution: 

We were all amazed when we tried the Ella Stander!

With the Ella Stander set up in supine, he tolerates standing much better. His head no longer falls forward, and he still maintains great weight-bearing.

The body supports accommodate his peg feed, and he is supported symmetrically despite his low tone. 

His carers love the Ella Stander also! It only takes one person to hoist transfer him in and out. (Great for the carers too!)