Work Chair - REAL 9000

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HomeProductsIndoor SeatingWork Chair Real 9000
  • User can manoeuvre and 'scoot' around the home
  • Model available for trials in New Zealand
  • Coxit seat base option
  • Paediatric options available
  • Electric seat elevation for reaching
  • Obese or bariatric solution
  • Powered mobility options

Work Chair - REAL 9000

Maintain your independence! This modern, modular work chair offers supreme functionality, quality, and fantastic ergonomics. The REAL does it all.

This configurable work chair is designed for people with:

  • Post injuries. Perform tasks with ease again while recovering from bodily injuries
  • Specialist seating requirements and physical disabilities
  • Elderly care. Mobility around home and kitchen etc.





  • Build your own chair! Vast range of options and accessories mean the perfect solution can be tailored to individual need.
  • Ergonomically designed for multiple tasks around home, office or work environments
  • Stable mobile base system with a safe and easy to control brake.
  • Ergonomically designed hand controls so that the functions of the chair can be controlled with ease.
  • Mobile base has sufficient foot clearance for independent moving around the home/workplace ‘scooting’ or shuffling with your feet
  • Ground clearance has been set to prevent snagging on carpets and thresholds.


The REAL-9000 WORKCHAIR helps users living with bodily weakness to be more independent

People living with bodily weaknesses can gain more independence by enabling them to perform tasks without assistance either at home or in a working environment. You can use either your arms or your legs to move the chair around. It’s easy to adjust the seat height electrically or manually and thereby ensuring an ergonomically correct position at the work surface. A large range of seats, back rests, castors, lifts and accessories makes it easy to create a functional yet comfortable chair.


A stable and comfortable base-frame with a safe and easy to control brake.

The REAL-9000 WORKCHAIR has a stable, welded frame with 360° castors and a safe and easy to use brake. The frame is small yet still offers plenty of room for the feet. As standard, the chair base is longer at the back than at the front to reduce the risk of tipping. The brake system, with its individual brake legs and durable brake pads, ensures maximum friction on all types of surfaces. The brake has a computer calculated lift curve so it can be applied using minimal force. The ground clearance has been set to prevent snagging on carpets and thresholds. The brake bracket is adjustable in stages, allowing the armrests to be adjusted in width whilst still ensuring the brakes are easy to apply. If the user is still unable to apply the brake, an electric brake function is an optional extra.


Great ergonomics throughout!

Ergonomically designed hand controls mean the functions of the chair can be controlled with ease. The controls are readily accessible and easy to grip and they have clear symbols showing the intended function. The design of the seat, backrest and armrest, together with the adjustable angle of the seat and back, allows the user to select an ergonomically correct position according to their needs. This means the body does not have to be under constant strain, and the user avoids injuries to muscles and skeleton.


Switch between an active and a passive position.

The seat angle on the REAL-9000 WORKCHAIR is adjusted using a gas spring, a crank or electric controls. An angle-adjustable seat provides more options for the best possible ergonomics and comfort. Tilting forwards for an active position, or tilting backwards for a relaxed position. It is important to be able to change position over the course of the day to relieve the pressure on the spine and seat bones. Our new, patented seat angle mechanism with an extended range, is available as an optional extra. You can also choose whether you want the armrests to follow the seat angle or not.


Stringent quality requirements mean many years of guaranteed use.

The many ingenious options and accessories on REAL-9000 WORKCHAIRS allows them to be designed to suit the needs of their users. A bespoke chair will make it easier for the user to live an active life. Stringent quality requirements means many years of guaranteed usage.



A large range of options can be scripted for your work chair including:

  • Seat cushions: different sizes and designs to suit specific need
  • Back supports: different sizes and designs to suit specific need
  • Lateral supports for trunk or thighs
  • Abductor pommel
  • Armrests: range of styles
  • Seat angle/tilt options: manual or electric
  • Seat height options: manual or electric with height ranges from 32cm-46cm to 43cm-71cm
  • Mobile base: range of variants
  • Foot supports: single, double, flip-up etc.
  • Castor wheel options from 100mm to 150mm


Age Group: 

Script the REAL chair to suit specific requirements. The chair pictured right is the model which is available in New Zealand for trials. 

  • Mobile base size 48 x 53cm
  • Seat cushion sizes (width x depth)
    • Adult and Coxit  44 x 48 cm
    • Adult and Coxit 48 x 48 cm
    • Adult and Coxit 44 x 43 cm
    • Adult 40 x 43 cm
    • Adult 40 x 39 cm
    • Adult 40 x 48 cm
    • Adult 44 x 53cm
    • Adult 48 x 53cm
  • Backrest sizes (width x height)
    • Low 33x26 cm
    • Low 38x26 cm
    • High 33x36 cm
    • High 40x34 cm
  • Seat height* All interval can be adjusted +6cm/-2cm.
    • Standard Manual 45 - 65 cm.
    • Standard Electric 47 - 75 cm.
    • Low Manual: 40 - 54 cm.
    • Low Electric: 40 - 60 cm.
    • Extra Low: 32 - 47cm
    • * Measured without seat angle from floor to underside of seat, with seat in flat position. With seat tilt +1cm. With seat tilt “adjustable reinforced frame” +2cm
  • Seat angle
    • Crank adjusted seat angle* +15º / -8º.
    • Gas spring, controls under seat* +15º / -8º.
    • Gas spring, controls under armrest* +15º / -8º.
    • Electric seat angle (EL)* +15º / -8º.
    • Prepared for seat angle* Static.
    • *Reinforced adjustable seat cross can be mounted.
  • Users weight
    • 55 - 90 kg   Specify when ordering
    • < 55 kg Manual/Electric adaptation of gas spring
    • 90 - 130 kg  Manual
    • 90 - 150 kg  Electric
    • If users weight >130 kg customised solution