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  • Jockey Lite NEW!
    Jockey Lite NEW!
  • Jockey Lite Size 1 & 2
    Jockey Lite Size 1 & 2
  • Jockey Lite Size 3
    Jockey Lite Size 3

Krabat Jockey Lite

Compact design

The Krabat Jockey Lite is the newest addition to the series of active children’s chairs from Krabat. The compact and modern design of the undercarriage makes it easy to use even where space is limited. The chair is height adjustable and the seat can be tilted. The Jockey Lite comes in three sizes; size 1 for children aged 2-7 years, size 2 for children aged 7-14 years and size 3 for youth aged 14-18 years. The design of the saddle seat gives the child a more upright position ideal for use in kindergarten and school.

Physiological benefits of sitting on a saddle seat:

By opening the angle of the hips, the pelvis is neutrally positioned. With the pelvis neutral the natural S-curvature of the spine can be maintained over time. All major joints in the lower extremities become centered, which promotes normal muscle tone and muscle length. The hip joint is in its resting position, in which the femoral head is positioned inside the hip socket. The position gained from sitting on the saddle seat can prevent complications such as muscle contractures, hip pain and subluxations. An active, upright sitting position is better than a passive, slumped position.

Why sit in a Saddle seat? Read the Knowledge Base post here.


  • Krabat Jockey Horizontal Chest Strap

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    Krabat Jockey Horizontal Chest Strap

    Neoprene chest support available in either small or medium.

    Small 3710-6801-000
    Medium 3710-6802-000


  • Krabat Jockey Hip Belt

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    Krabat Jockey Hip Belt

    Hip belt available in three sizes.

    Medium 3710-6201-000
    Large 3710-6202-000
    X-Large 3710-6203-000


  • Krabat Jockey Gel Cushion Insert

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    Krabat Jockey Gel Cushion Insert

    Gel filling insert to go underneath the seat cushion available in two sizes. This is not compatible with size 3 Jockey seats.

    For size 1 3712-0361-065
    For size 2 3712-0362-065


  • Krabat Jockey Pressure Relief Cushion

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    Krabat Jockey Pressure Relief Cushion

    Krabat Jockey Pressure Relief Cushion. This is included standard on size 3 Jockey seats.

    Size 1 3710-0351-051
    Size 2 3710-0352-051


  • Krabat Jockey Supracor Cushion

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    Krabat Jockey Supracor Cushion

    Krabat Jockey Supracor Cushion for pressure relief available in three sizes.

      Jockey Lite Jockey and Jockey Plus
    Size 1 3710-0321-067 3710-0331-067
    Size 2 3710-0322-067 3710-0332-067
    Size 3 3710-0323-067 N/A
  • Krabat Jockey 360° Footrest

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    Krabat Jockey 360° Footrest

    Krabat Jockey 360° Footrest. 

    Code: 3710-5036-000

  • Krabat Jockey Armrests

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    Krabat Jockey Armrests

    Krabat Jockey armrests (pair)

    Code: 3710-5510-000


Age Group: 
  Measurement Size 1 Size 2 Size 3
A Seat Depth (max.) 28 cm 34 cm 42 cm
B Backrest Angle 90° 90° 90°
C Tilt -15° to 0° -15° to 0° -15° to 0°
D Seat Height 45 - 57 cm 45 - 57 cm 57 - 75 cm
E Footrest Height 14 - 23 cm 14 - 23 cm 14 - 30 cm
F Total Width 68 cm 68 cm 68 cm
G Total Height 87 cm 96 cm 120 cm
H Backrest Height 33 - 38 cm 38 - 43 cm 41 - 46 cm
I Backrest Width 25 cm 32 cm 32 cm
  Weight 10 kg 10 kg 11.6 kg
  Max. User Weight 80 kg 80 kg 100 kg
  User Age Approx. 2 - 7 years Approx. 7 - 14 years From 14 years and up


Felix' Story

Felix is a 12-year-old boy, he has Down Syndrome. He attends regular school every day. The focus of his education is communication, language, independent play and learning ADL (Activities of daily life). In addition, there is focus on his Gross motor function. His day consists of lessons in groups and individual lessons. Felix enjoys playing with other children on playgrounds, playing ball, using his IPAD and watch TV.

Read Felix' Story