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  • Safe Surround Genie 98 Bed
    8 doors open each side for ease of access
  • Safe Surround Genie 98 Bed
    Low entry height - welcome in!
  • Safe Surround Genie 98 Bed
    The Genie is just like a big friendly cot bed!
  • Safe Surround Genie 98 Bed
    Safe Surround Genie 98 Bed
  • Safe Surround Genie 98 Bed
    Safe Surround Genie 98 Bed
  • Safe Surround Genie 98 Bed
    Safe Surround Genie 98 Bed
  • Safe Surround Genie 98 Bed
    Safe Surround Genie 98 Bed

Genie Bed System

Superior Care for Children through to Adults

Genie Bed Features:

  • Mattress level can be lowered to enable independent transfers.
  • Mattress level can be raised high to assist carers when tending to the client.
  • High quality craftsmanship – durable Beech timber with attractive aesthetics.
  • Perspex panels provide free eye contact with carers, and the individual can take in what is going on around the bed.
  • Adjustable lying surface 
  • For carers in wheelchairs, the Genie provides ample clearance of 66cm.
  • Sufficient clearance for hoist transfers.

Safety Features:

  • Safe interior to prevent entrapment of head or limbs.
  • Special door locking system prevents the doors being opened from the inside.
  • High quality fittings and locking mechanisms.
  • Power cut-off plug. When the hand switch is not activated (power disconnected state) all electrical components of the bed are disconnected from the mains and therefore no electricity is used. Electric and magnetic fields in the bed are prevented.
  • Emergency lowering in the case of power failure
  • Special wooden surface coating that seals the surfaces for maximum hygiene.
  • Sweat and saliva resistant wood treatment in accordance with DIN 71-3 Children’s Toys Safety Act.




  • Safe Surround Bed Incontinence Cover

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    Safe Surround Bed Incontinence Cover

    To protect the bed's mattress. Waterproof and machine washable to 30ºC. 

    Bed Type Code Dimensions
    Genie 7956-0026-000 200 x 90 cm
    Plus 7956-0027-000 200 x 100 cm
    Lotte 7956-0023-000 140 x 70 cm


    Genie: 7956-0026-000, Plus: 7956-0027-000, Lotte: 7956-0023-000
  • Pressure-Relieving Mattress

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    Pressure-Relieving Mattress

    Bed Type Code Dimensions
    Genie 7956-0011-051 200 x 90 cm
    Plus 7956-0012-051 200 x 100 cm




    Incontinence covers for pressure-relieving mattresses are also available. 

    7956-0011-051, 7956-0012-051
  • Safe Surround Bed Internal Padding

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    Safe Surround Bed Internal Padding

    Prevents harm to the user. Customisable to suit requirements - can be full height of the sides or partial height padding. 

    Bed Type Code
    Genie 98 7957-0022-000
    Plus 135 7957-0017-000
    Plus 170 7957-0020-000



Age Group: 
What is Standard?

92 cm sides (from top of mattress approx)
Single XL – 200 x 90 cm internal
4 section profile sleeping platform
Foam mattress
4 locking castors
Beechwood timber
8 doors

What is Optional? Pressure relief foam mattress
Incontinence cover on mattress
Internal padding as required 
Door Height 98cm
Mattress Level to Top of Door 92cm
Lying Height (Top of Mattress) 38cm min to 98cm max
Internal Dimensions 200 x 90cm
External Dimensions 226 x 101cm
Weight Limit 150kg
Distance between railings 50mm



The manufacturer guarantees that the product is free of manufacturing and material defects. The guarantee amounts to 24 months and starts with the delivery date. We will give guarantee for the delivered goods in that way that we will either repair or replace those parts free of charge, when it is proved that they are damaged or useless because of manufacturing and material defects within the guarantee time.


Q: Are these beds available for hire? 

Hire may be available depending on a few details that can be discussed with one of our product consultants. Please call our team to discuss your requirements. Hire may be available for metro areas but not regional. 

Q: How strong are these beds? 

These beds are extremely strong. They are handcrafted and made from the highest quality beechwood timber that can withstand users’ challenging behaviours. Medifab also has a rigid ‘solid base’ option that removes the height adjustment and profiling mattress capability, making it even stronger for those situations where jumping might be an issue. The base is replaced with solid timber slats instead.  

Q: If something breaks on the bed how long will it take to get spare parts? 

Medifab stocks an extensive range of spare parts for the Safe Surround and Genie beds in Australia for fast delivery if something were to malfunction or break. This includes motors, hand controllers, nuts, bolts etc.  

Q: Does Medifab hold stock of these beds? 

Yes! Our beds are stocked in Australia for fast turnaround times once the bed has been funded and paid for. However, if there are additional customisations such as padding or Perspex upgrades, a delay will be necessary.  

Q: Who manages the delivery and install of the bed? 

Medifab has third party install contractors in all major capital cities throughout Australia who will deliver and install the bed in the bedroom of your choice within your home. If you live in a remote or regional part of the country, our contractors will travel to your location.
In New Zealand, delivery and install is handled directly by Medifab technicians. 

Q: Are there any colours available? 

Yes, colours are available, however these are only offered on the Genie bed and can be specified on the upright rails only. Medifab does not stock the Genie bed with colours, and this would take approximately 6 months from time of order to arrive. 

Q: Will the bed fit in my house? 

The bed will arrive completely disassembled, and our technicians will build the bed within the bedroom of choice in your home. The beds are too big to pass through standard size doorways. If a bedroom change is necessary, the bed would need to be disassembled and reassembled in the new bedroom. Most houses have at least 2.4 metre ceilings which means that all the beds will fit, however air conditioners, lights or any other hanging items on the roof may interfere with the bed and will need to be removed prior to installation. To chat with your requirements today call our team and we will be able to assist. 

Q: Do these beds get government funding? 

Yes absolutely! In Australia, the NDIS will fund these beds. An assistive technology application must be lodged, and if approved, the NDIS will provide funding. For more information visit the NDIS website. We also suggest you speak with your allied health professional to aid in this process.
In New Zealand, government funding is also available, and much like the NDIS funding in Australia, an assistive technology application must be lodged, and if approved, funding will be provided. 

Q: How can I trial the bed? 

At this point in time, we are unable to offer trials. This is because these beds are too large to ship within the country and assemble in your home to conduct a trial. Virtual trials are available upon request via Zoom. We suggest calling our customer support team to discuss a suitable time to arrange this. We suggest that all parties involved such as family members, carers, and the occupational therapist should be present during this trial, making sure everyone is on the same page as to what is required for the user and to discuss the best way to have funding justified.  

Q: Is there any maintenance required? 

Maintenance is very minimal on the beds. Keeping the bed clean, and the moving parts free from dust is important. Visual checks should be performed regularly. Once a year a 9 Volt battery that connects to the motor needs to be replaced to ensure that in a power cut the bed can be lowered to the lowest sleeping position for the highest level of safety during the night. 

Q: What is the cost? 

These beds cost in excess of $10,000 depending on what accessories may be required such as padding, casters, incontinence covers or our specialty mattress option. All these items add additional costs; therefore, we suggest calling our customer service team for a more detailed estimation. 

Q: If I need to move house what happens with the bed? 

We can assist in recommending trained technicians who are able to quote you directly to have the bed moved to your new home. Call our team for more information. 

Q: Do these beds come with a warranty?

The manufacturer guarantees that the product is free of manufacturing and material defects. The guarantee amounts to 24 months and starts with the delivery/install date. 



Medifab Genie ‘Safe Surround’ Bed Testimonial

Our child was 3years old when he went from sleeping in a traditional cot to his wonderful Genie bed. I no longer had to bend down and lift him up and out of his cot, twisting my back in the process - a huge relief after such a long time with an inappropriate sleeping set up. Not only does the Genie provide a safe and comfortable bed for our child, but also ease of care for us as parents.

One of the best features of the Genie has been its single bed size with the ‘safe surround’ sides – perfect for our developmentally delayed older child. He wakes during the night regularly and often requires adult help resettling to sleep. In a cot, I had to remove him and place him in bed with me. Once he was asleep, I could not leave him - as he was unsafe if he woke - so I spent many nights sharing a bed with a restless child. The Genie has enabled me to lie down beside him, resettle him, and then close the doors behind me, as I sneak back to my own bed knowing he is safe should he wake again. Sleep is vital to all parents, so getting more of it in my own bed (without our child) is priceless.

Another wonderful feature for us has been the two-direction tilt. This has enabled us to create what we call the “reflux tilt”! Regardless of which direction our child falls asleep, we can tilt him on an appropriate angle to aide his severe reflux.

Our child recently had major hip surgery, which required the use of a special brace for 6 weeks. He was only comfortable sleeping in a semi-upright position, so our Genie was invaluable. The five-section sleeping platform enabled us to create a customised sleeping position for him and helped us all through a very difficult time.

The maximum height of the Genie makes transfers in and out of bed much easier on our backs. The lowest position will eventually enable our child to transfer into bed by himself. The operation of the motor is quieter than I had imagined and doesn’t disturb our sleeping child, which is an added bonus!

The bi-fold doors move smoothly and have an excellent locking mechanism. The Perspex windows are aesthetically pleasing and less enclosing than all wooden uprights. The wooden frame makes the bed less ‘medical looking’ than similar beds with metal tubing – much nicer for a child’s bedroom!

The service we received through Medifab has been outstanding. They have answered all questions quickly via either phone or email and have sent us excellent information outlining their products. The personal service they provided for installation of the bed was a real bonus.

The Genie has really changed my life! I love it and so does our son.


Feedback from Therapist on the Genie Bed

"The bed has been a huge success. The space is so much better than his cot and the elevation has been everything his carer hoped for. I think it is very useful for the right child. I thought the service from Medifab was fantastic regarding delivery and installation. Also the pre sales advice was great and much appreciated."