Ultima Reclining Bath/Shower Transfer System

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HomeProductsBathroom AidsUltima Reclining Bathshower Transfer System
  • Ultima Reclining Bath/Shower Transfer System Medifab
    Ultima with Foldable Transfer Base
  • Ultima Reclining Bath/Shower Transfer System
    Ultima with Foldable Transfer Base
  • Ultima reclining bath/shower system base
    Folding Base over bath
  • How does Ultima reclining bath/shower system fold down
    Tub Base folds for storage
  • Ultima with Compact Transfer Base
  • Compact Transfer Base fits inside bathtub

Ultima Reclining Bath/Shower Transfer System

Multi-functional transfer system that can be used for positioning, as a roll-in shower chair and bath slider

Designed to significantly reduce the effort required by the parent or caregiver to transfer a child or adult into a tub for bathing.

Ultima is comprised of three components: a mesh seating system for comfort, a rolling base that is used for the initial portion of the transfer and a tub base (2 options) that when connected to the rolling base engages the shuttle function for transfer.

The Tub Base options are a Folding Base, which features two legs in the tub and two outside of the tub and folds for storage purposes. The Compact Base, places all four legs inside the tub, but does not have a folding feature.

Available in two sizes, Medium or Large, and comes standard with a mesh seat, a tub base, a rolling base, two positioning belts and anti-tippers


  • Ultima Head Pads

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    Ultima Head Pads

    Head support pads and strap, designed for better head positioning. 

  • Ultima Lateral Supports

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    Ultima Lateral Supports

    Lateral support pads and straps, designed for better torso positioning. 

  • Ultima Arm Supports

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    Ultima Arm Supports

    Ultima detachable armrests (pair)

  • Ultima Support Tray

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    Ultima Support Tray

    Anterior Support Tray Surface. Ultima Armrests must be ordered for tray to be used. 

  • Ultima Pommel

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    Ultima Pommel

    Padded abductor pommel which attaches easily to the Ultima chair to improve hip alignment and stabilise seating posture. 



Age Group: 
Specification Medium with Foldable Transfer Base Large with Foldable Transfer Base Medium with Compact Transfer Base Large with Compact Transfer Base
Code 6035-0012-000 6035-0013-000 6035-0022-000 6035-0023-000
Weight capacity 160 lb / 72 kg 180 lb / 82 kg 130 lb / 59 kg 180 lb / 82 kg
Seat Depth 13" 15" 13" 15"
Inside Seat Width 15" 17" 15" 17"
Back Height 27" 31" 27" 31"
Calf Length 13" 15" 13" 25"
Seat Height Range 23.5"-27.5" 23.5"-27.5" 23.5"-26.5" 23.5"-26.5"
Rolling Base Dimension 21.5"W x 21"D 21.5"Wx21"D 20"Wx17"D 20"Wx17"D
Rolling Base Inside Width 16" 16" 17" 17"
Rolling Base Height Clearance 15.5"-19.5" 15.5"-19.5" 15.5"-18.5" 15.5"-18.5"
Tub Base width at Top 31" 31" 20" 20"
Tub Base Footprint Width 28-30" 28-30" 18" 18"
Tub Base Footprint Depth 31"-33" 31"-33" 17" 17"
Tub Base Clearance Height 13.5"-19" 13.5"-19" 14"-17" 14"-17"
Overall Length 52" 52" 53" 53"

Foldable Transfer Base Diagram                                        Compact Transfer Base Diagram