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Ultima Bath Chair

Modular bath chair with multiple independent seat, back and leg adjustments

Durable metal positioning bath chair to provide support and positioning for children and adults who can't stand or sit upright unassisted during bathing. 

Full head, trunk and calf support in both seated or reclined positions, with a seat that is designed to contour to the body.

Seat-to-back angles: 0º, 30º, 60º, 90º (from vertical)

Seat-to-leg angles: 0º, -30º, -60º (from horizontal)

Ultima Access Model has a seat option which provides easy access for personal care. Polyurethane seat cushion provides support and may be configured in upper position for easier transfers or lower position for built-in lateral support. 

Require a Transfer System to position the Ultima chair over the bath or into a shower? View details of the Ultima Transfer System here


  • Ultima Compact Attached Rolling Base

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    Ultima Compact Attached Rolling Base

    Aluminum base is secured to Ultima chair for added stability. 

    Ideal for use in roll-in showers. Includes four 4" locking castors. 

    Dimensions: 22" x 22". 

    Height range 23"-27.5". 


  • Ultima Rolling Extension Base

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    Ultima Rolling Extension Base

    Stainless steel detachable base is ideal for use in roll-in showers. Includes 4" locking castors and straps to secure chair to base. 13" high (raises chair by 13")Width at base: 27"Adjustable length range: 31"-44"

  • Ultima Extension Base

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    Ultima Extension Base

    Detachable base. Stainless steel extension legs are ideal for use in bath tubs. 

    Includes straps to secure chair to base. 

    9.5" high (raises chair by 9.5")

    Width at base: 18"

    Adjustable length range: 31"-38"

  • Ultima Head Pads

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    Ultima Head Pads

    Head support pads and strap, designed for better head positioning. 

  • Ultima Lateral Supports

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    Ultima Lateral Supports

    Lateral support pads and straps, designed for better torso positioning. 

  • Ultima Arm Supports

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    Ultima Arm Supports

    Ultima detachable armrests (pair)

  • Ultima Support Tray

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    Ultima Support Tray

    Anterior Support Tray Surface. Ultima Armrests must be ordered for tray to be used. 

  • Ultima Pommel

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    Ultima Pommel

    Padded abductor pommel which attaches easily to the Ultima chair to improve hip alignment and stabilise seating posture. 



Age Group: 
Size Medium Large XLarge
Code 6025-0012-066 6025-0013-066 6025-0014-066
Seat Width 36 cm 38 cm 43 cm
Seat Depth 28 cm 33 cm 38 cm
Weight Limit 59 kg 72 kg 82 kg
User Height 100-137 cm 137-173 cm 173-203 cm
Length when flat 114 cm 135 cm 155 cm
Calf Length 25 cm 33 cm 38 cm
Back Height 56 cm 69 cm 79 cm
Access Model 6025-0022-066 6025-0023-066 6025-0024-066