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Take a tour of the Medifab ATSA stands!

5 Jun 2018
The ATSA events this year were outstanding! Medifab exhibited at both the Melbourne and Perth events, with great stands, amazing product, and most importantly, an enthusiastic and passionate team. See a snapshot of the action in both Melbourne and Perth in the videos below.   ATSA Melbourne  ... Read more

Jeremy watches his Spex Back Support get made!

28 May 2018
It’s not very often that wheelchair users get to watch their seating being made in action! Which is why we’re excited to share these pics of Jeremy Morriss who has just got a new Spex back support for his wheelchair. Along with Occupational Therapist, Helen Lappin, and Medifab consultant, William... Read more

Take a look at Medifab's ATSA stand!

28 May 2018
ATSA Melbourne was a blast! Watch the video below for a snapshot of the action. We can't wait to see you at ATSA Perth! Click here for more information on ATSA Perth.    

Medifab Sets Sail

24 May 2018
On Wednesday, the Australian Medifab frontline support team embarked from Devonport, Tasmania aboard the Julie Burgess - a beautifully restored fishing ketch built in 1936!  We had an excellent team building session onboard the 64 foot long ketch, learning the ropes and a little about life aboard... Read more

See us at ATSA 2018!

12 Apr 2018
      This year, Medifab will be exhibiting at both ATSA Melbourne on the 16th - 17th of May, and at ATSA Perth on the 30th - 31st of May! Make sure you attend and visit our stand to learn from our team, grow your knowledge on our product lines, see new innovations available, and previews of... Read more

World Sleep Day! The importance of sleep with correct positioning

16 Mar 2018
Friday, 16th March is 2018 World Sleep Day. World Sleep Day is an annual event, intended to be a celebration of sleep and a call to action on important issues related to sleep, including medicine, education, social aspects and driving. It is organized by the World Sleep Day Committee of World Sleep... Read more

Save the Date! Free Clinical and Positioning Workshop

9 Feb 2018
Save the date! Clinical and Positioning Workshop facilitated by 3 of NSW’s leading educators. An introduction to the concepts of 24 hour Postural Management, risk identification, evidence and knowledge to guide current practice, and hands on practical resources to support realistic goal setting.... Read more

Singapore SPEX Clinical Workshops

31 Jan 2018
Medifab's clinical team have recently spent several days on the beautiful island of Singapore, delivering SPEX Clinical Workshops under Medifab’s Professional Development Academy program. Our local SPEX dealer Paediatric Seating Solutions, is very dedicated to providing great wheelchair and... Read more

Ben's Holiday Story

21 Dec 2017
  The Medifab team were thrilled to play a part in Ben's holiday wishes this season, and we hope you enjoy viewing our video above as much as we enjoyed filming it! We will be taking a break to enjoy the kiwi summer between 5pm Friday 22nd December and 8am Monday 8th January; however should you... Read more