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Throughout the month of September Medifab has enthusiastically been involved in Steptember, raising funds towards supporting children and adults with Cerebral Palsy.

43 people were involved here at Medifab, making up 11 teams and everyone putting a huge amount of effort and working as a team to raise funds and steps for such a great cause.

Medifab’s overall funds raised at the end of September was $4,336 placing us as 37th organisation out of in 354 organisations in New Zealand to take part in the challenge.

The 3 teams that raised the most funds were:

  1. Happy Feet 1: Kathryn F, Jean B, Priya P, and Saori S. ($1,380)
  2. Detroit Four: Rochelle A, Frizalyn de G, Nii E and Catherine H. ($1,356)
  3. Team Steps Rapid: Charlotte D, Stuart C, Anne H and Vishal S. ($527)

The top 3 individuals that did exceptionally well were Catherine H ($1,356), Kathryn F ($693) and Jean B ($687).

Some creative ways that the top teams raised funds was through arranging a Raffle, Selling exquisite dumplings and laying out a delicious High Tea. Some other teams raised money through selling flowers, sausage sizzle, home baking and much more.

The overall Steps accumulated was 10,824,699 between all the teams who took part. The 3 top teams at Medifab were:

1. Cut-walk team: John Rell V, Noel I, Mary ann P and Cecilia T (2,044,264 steps).
2. Detroit Four: Rochelle A, Frizalyn de G, Nii E and Catherine H.  (2,006,786 steps).
3. Warehouse Wallies: Ben W, Jackson S, James H and Maria J (1,356,003 steps).


The top 3 steppers were Nii E (724,411 steps), Cecilia T (651,589 steps) and Mary ann P (650,617 steps). 

These three steppers were accumulating steps in their own time and while at Medifab, especially those whose roles require them to be on their feet often. Nii is one of the factory supervisors and her steps counted up from running around the factory and through kick boxing. Others got their steps through walking and jogging in their own time, Zumba, Snowboarding, the Medifab basketball team and walking door to door selling raffle tickets to raise funds for Cerebral Palsy. 

We all had a great month, supporting a worthy cause and being fit and healthy while raising funds for kids and adults with cerebral palsy. We can’t wait for 11 months’ time, so the Medifab teams can get involved again and have the challenge of conquering our steps accumulated and funds raised from this year.