Medifab's Auckland, Rolleston and Australian branches are all now ISO 9001 certified

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Medifab has now achieved certification of it's Auckland and Devonport operations to the ISO 9001:2015 standard, in addition to the Rolleston branch. 

This is a significant achievement for the Medifab teams based in Auckland and Devonport and recognition of the hard work carried out over the past 12 months to standardise our processes and to train all our staff how to use Medifab’s Quality system. 

Our customers, suppliers and staff can now have confidence that we are all following the same best practice throughout the business to continuously improve the products and service we provide to all our customers in New Zealand and Australia, ensuring that they have the best possible experience when purchasing from Medifab.

- Stuart Clook, Medifab Ltd Quality & Regulatory Manager


A brief description of how important certification is to Medifab:

ISO or the International Standards Organisation which started life in the 1950’s based in Europe, started to understand that there was a great need for one International set of standards. The main standards at the time and still are B.S. (British Standards) and ANSI (American National Standard Institution). In both these cases each has many standards covering many fields of expertise. There was however no Standard system which revolved around co-operation and standardisation.

ISO achieved great success and although in the first few years companies and organisations adopted not to change, change was inevitable. ISO has now grown global and even the B.S. and ANSI have had to organise their standards around ISO and visa versa.


What is a standard?

A standard is something that organisations and companies use to demonstrate to customers that they comply.

It demonstrates that their work practises, management and quality are controlled by a set of rules. These parts together form a chain; if chain links (the process) are correct then customers get total satisfaction, from the products and devices they purchase. These products and devices will always meet the standard and if anything goes wrong with the product or device there is a quality system in place that will ensure resolvement to customer.

It is a great achievement for Medifab to gain this prestigious ISO certification, as companies and customers will know that Medifab is a company who seeks to improve, care and help in the welfare of others. 

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