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Clients with motor function impairment will be at increased risk of body shape changes. Asymmetric postures, combined with the force of gravity, impact on body shape negatively and can be linked with the development of postural deviations with life-threatening consequences.

Not only awareness, but analysis of habitual postures throughout the 24-hour period is essential so we can prevent, delay, or even restore asymmetric deviations and reduce their negative impact. Once the power of gravity on the human body is understood, it becomes clear that intervention across 24 hours of the day is necessary, and can be done, most of the time, in an uncomplicated yet effective manner.

Join us for a full day, intermediate and interactive workshop where we will explore the benefits of 24-hour postural care. Throughout the day we will outline the fundamental components of this strategy, including selection criteria we can apply to our caseloads to identify those that will receive benefit.

We will outline the main positions that must be addressed across day and night-time for this approach to be successful. We will also guide you through specific assessment strategies required for systematic evaluation of client needs and we will support you with product recommendations. 

Up-to-date resources and research will be provided to attendees and used throughout the day to facilitate learning and discussion.


Timing Academy Schedule
8.30 am - 9.00 am Arrive for tea/coffee and networking
9.00 am - 2.45 pm Full day event with catering provided throughout


A fantastic opportunity to hear from international presenters with years of clinical experience. Don’t miss your chance to further your clinical knowledge for free!


Meet the Presenters: 

Joana Santiago, BSc OT. 
Medifab Clinical Education Manager

Joana Santiago is the Head of Clinical Education and the R&D Clinical Lead for Medifab. She completed her degree in Occupational Therapy in Portugal and soon developed a passion for Posture Care and Wheelchair Seating & Positioning. 
With more than 15 years of experience, Joana takes pride in her flexible capability in reaching good clinical outcomes by considering the individual needs, wants and expectations of those she works with. Joana is based in Australia where she primarily assists clinicians by sharing her knowledge and expertise through education and mentoring programs. Furthermore, she has a positive influence on the development, supply, and training of Medifab’s extensive range of products.
She is a specialist in her field and has presented at a variety of national and international conferences, around the world. 


Jamie Cockle, Trained Physiotherapist. 
Medifab Clinical Educator

Jamie completed his training in Physiotherapy at Cardiff University, UK and specialised immediately in Paediatrics. He gained a varied clinical experience during his years working as a Paediatric Physiotherapist within the NHS, finding particular interest in Neurological disability and rehabilitation. These experiences enabled him to work closely with a diverse range of clients understanding not only their needs, but the families that support them.
He is passionate about Paediatrics and ensuring all children, no matter of their ability, have opportunities to be well supported as they grow and develop. Providing training and support in his role as a Clinical Educator, Jamie hopes to assist stakeholders better understand the principles behind 24 hour postural management for children, to optimise their health and happiness and to shape better lives.


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