Medifab champion takes part in Kool Stride Derby

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Shane Russell is Medifab's Champion Technician at our Australian Distribution Hub. Here's his story about volunteering as a runner in the Just Like Jack group: 


"I had the most amazing experience as a volunteer, running with a fantastic organisation, helping children less fortunate than some, experience adventures they may not otherwise experience.


"The young fellow I ran with in the Kool Stride was Rohan, another first-time user of the stroller and first time with the group.


"There were nine Kool Stride strollers in the Just Like Jack group and everyone completed the event.


"The weather was warm and windy, making it a lovely day for a run, we started at the back of everyone due to having the strollers, which makes it fun trying to work your way through the field.


"I followed two of our group strollers who had two runners on each sharing duties, following through the gaps until the field opened a little at the 5km turn in 25.56mins, then I got a wriggle on and decided it was time to get a feel for the stroller and try to increase our pace somewhat.


"Checking on Rohan to make sure he was okay during the event was a breeze, Rohan always replying with a thumb’s up and when he saw his Mum doing the 5km event he was ecstatic, waving and yelling out as we headed for home. We were the first of our group home and finished in 48.52mins, which I was more than happy with, a nice negative split of 22.56mins for the final 5km.


"I apologised to Rohan for a bumpy ride as I kept catching the edge of the witches’ hats when trying to pass people, bumping Rohan around, Rohans’ parents said he absolutely loved the experience and is also keen for more!


"I am super keen to get more involved with Just Like Jack and run more events with them, I also want my running to help them so will look to set up a fundraising page to donate as well.


"Our next event is on the 19th November when we tackle the Point 2 Pinnacle in Hobart, this will be a monster of a day as we climb 1300m pushing five children in Kool Stride strollers to the top of Mt Wellington. See course and profile here:


"There are five runners allocated per stroller for the P2P and I have another crazy mountain race the week before, might need an easy week at Medifab after these two events!"


Thanks Shane - We wish you all the best with the upcoming events!