Make a difference for children living with disabilities in Fiji

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Medifab is proud to be supporting children living with disabilities in the Fijian community through a collaboration with the Frank Hilton organisation. This organisation is the only service for disabled children in Fiji and needs support to continue to provide this support.

The Frank Hilton Organisation is a group of passionate people who do amazing work supporting children and families around Fiji. The Frank Hilton ‘Home for life’ in Suva gives children with disabilities that have no family support a place to go. These children are part of the Frank Hilton family and a looked after by caregivers and a therapy team to support all of their needs. They also offer hearing screening and mobility device services to 17 special schools and see anyone from the community who seek services for their children with disabilities and support families with the necessities of life. They strive to always be the best at what they do and work with World Health Organisation standards.



The Frank Hilton Organisation and the current Covid-19 Situation

The Fiji Government recognises the organization as critical for supporting children in Fiji with disabilities however funding is short due to Covid19 and other events such as cyclones in the Fiji Islands have created a critical funding shortage. Frank Hilton Organization is one of a kind in Fiji. There are no other agencies supporting the needs of children with disabilities and their families in Fiji. They have a support team of allied health professionals from New Zealand and Australia who work alongside to support with further education and training.

The Frank Hilton Organisation needs support to continue its work in Fiji. You can show your support and make a real difference to the life of a child living with disability in Fiji by donating at the Give a Little page here.