Ellie's Holiday Story

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We're pleased to introduce our star Ellie, who finds herself in a spot of trouble this holiday season! Enjoy our holiday video and discover how Medifab comes to the rescue! 


Team Medifab will be taking a break to enjoy the holidays between 5pm Friday 21st December and 8am Monday 7th January; however should you have anything which requires urgent assistance, please email solutions@medifab.com where a dedicated team will be on call to assist. 

At the close of another busy year, we would also like to send a special message of thanks to all those who have been part of the Medifab journey in shaping better lives: Customers, Therapists, Dealers, Clients, Parents, Suppliers. Medifab are unable to make a difference to the lives of those with special needs around the world without you!

We look forward to Shaping better lives with you in 2019; and would like to say "Thank You!" as we wish you a full year of happiness and success.