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Have you heard of Haki Doku? Haki used SoftWheels on his wheelchair to break a crazy Guinness World Record!

He set the record of "most steps descended in one hour with a standard wheelchair", on March 27th 2019 at the Lotte World Tower of Seoul, South Korea, breaking his own world record for the fourth time. In addition, he set the highest building decent by stairs using a wheelchair. Yes it is the Burj Khalifa in Dubai! He descended the entire tower using SoftWheels on his wheelchair!

Haki first bought SoftWheels 4 years ago and discovered that he can descend stairs with these wheels. Quickly he realised that he can do much more with SoftWheels. He made a profession out of it!

Can you imagine the impact on the body and the wheelchair? It certainly says something about the strength of the SoftWheel product.

Haki shows that impossible is just a word, by descending the stairs in the tallest towers throughout the entire world. Doing this in a wheelchair requires a great deal of concentration and physical capabilities. But mostly it requires suspension and reliable equipment to count on. In the past 4 years, Haki has championed nearly 100,000 stairs with one pair of SoftWheels.

Haki lives in Milan. He and his wife Enora, have two children, Mario and Alissa. He works at Finserv, an asset management and strategy company. Due to a workplace accident in 1997, he became paraplegic. But that didn’t stop him from pursuing his goals in life – social, professional, or sports.



Haki has always been involved in sports, and was the first athlete to represent Albania in the Paralympic Games. In 2012, he attended the Paralympics in London, competing in hand bike and was also the flag bearer at the opening and closing ceremonies. His passions include projects in sporting events with social purposes. Using a standard wheelchair and without protective gloves, he has taken part in many marathons and competitions.

To view his world record, click here.



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