SPEX Vigour Mid Back Support

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  • Vigour Mid Back Support from the SPEX range
  • Vigour Mid Back Support for Wheelchair
  • Back support for wheelchair - SPEX Vigour Mid Back Support

SPEX Vigour Mid Back Support

Lightweight yet tough to meet the daily lifestyle demands of active wheelchair users

Vigour Mid back support angle and seat depth offers exceptional adjustability and can be facilitated with the user in the wheelchair. Ventilated spacer-fabric and shell system increases air-flow through the back offering daily comfort. 

The Vigour Mid is designed for individuals who require:

  • A solid back support with the ability to self-propel 
  • Minimal to moderate postural support
  • Improved spinal and pelvic positioning whilst maintaining propelling efficiency
  • Combined with lateral supports offers exceptional trunk and thoracic stability

This cushion is also suitable for individuals who have mild torso asymmetries

Select Hardware

Quad Mount (default) Single Mount Dual Mount

Code: 1259-2400-100

Code: 1259-2100-100

Code: 1259-2200-100


Quad Mount Fixed Direct Mount

Code 1259-2470-100

Code: 1259-2460-100






Age Group: 
Width Height Vigour Mid Back Support Spare Cover
10" 10" 1252-1010-00M 1252-1010-00M-C
11" 10" 1252-1110-00M 1252-1110-00M-C
12" 12" 1252-1212-00M 1252-1212-00M-C
13" 12" 1252-1312-00M 1252-1312-00M-C
14" 14" 1252-1414-00M 1252-1414-00M-C
15" 14" 1252-1514-00M 1252-1514-00M-C
16" 16" 1252-1616-00M 1252-1616-00M-C
17" 17" 1252-1717-00M 1252-1717-00M-C
18" 17" 1252-1817-00M 1252-1817-00M-C
19" 17" 1252-1917-00M 1252-1917-00M-C
20" 17" 1252-2017-00M 1252-2017-00M-C