Pelvi-Loc Hip Belt

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HomeProductsWheelchair AccessoriesPelvi Loc Hip Belt
  • Active style with covered buckles
  • Basic style with easy operation buckles
  • Active style Pelvi-Loc keeps sport players safely in their chairs
  • Easy buckle for limited hand function
  • Compact buckle for low-profile use
  • Contoured pads

Pelvi-Loc Hip Belt

Increases stability and comfort

The ultimate ‘Pelvis-Retraction’ system for users with insufficient stabilisation of the pelvis. PELVI-LOC® connects the pelvis and legs with the wheelchair and forms a functional unit. This unit forms the pivot for efficient use of the functional muscles.

3D shape of the PELVI-LOC® pads improves the safety of movement and offers high wearing comfort – all day long! Due to this, great advantage results for patients with extensor and high tone. The 3-dimensional shaped pads provide superior comfort even though the belt is firm on the pelvis.

Improves coordination and independence

The passive stabilisation of pelvis and legs permits significantly improved coordination of arm/hand movements where as usually one hand is searching for grip somewhere along the wheelchair. The ratchet buckle system can be operated easily with one hand.

  • Positive toothed ratchet tension system
  • Use on any equipment; PELVI-LOC® can be installed on virtually any seating equipment, wheelchairs, indoor chairs, children’s strollers etc.
  • The pads feature; Safety with high comfort.
  • The buckles feature; Easy to use ratchet levers.
  • Always maintain correct pelvic tension if the user wears a different thickness of clothing (when the weather changes!)


Age Group: 

3D Active Pelvi-Loc with Solid Mount

Size Wheelchair Width Pad Size
XSml 6"-9" 18 x 7 cm
Sml 8"-12" 20 x 7 cm
Med 12"-16" 24 x 12 cm
Lge 14"-18" 24 x 12 cm


3D Active Pelvi-Loc with Webbing Mount

Size Wheelchair Width Pad Size
XSml 6"-9" 18 x 7 cm
Sml 8"-12" 20 x 7 cm
Med 12"-16" 24 x 12 cm
Lge 14"-18" 27 x 14 cm


3D Basic Pelvi-Loc

Size Wheelchair Width Pad Size
XSml 6"-9" 20 x 7 cm
Sml 8"-12" 20 x 7 cm
Med 12"-16" 25 x 8 cm
Lge 14"-18" 25.5 x 8 cm

Please note the above measurement tables are indicative only due to the curvature of the pad style. Please contact Medifab to discuss pad sizing with a Product Consultant if you would like further size information. 


How do I prescribe a Pelvi-Loc for my clients? 

Step 1: Select size

  • 6"-9" width Wheelchair = XSmall
  • 8"-12" width Wheelchair = Small
  • 12"-16" width Wheelchair = Medium
  • 14"-18" width Wheelchair = Large


Step 2: Select style

  • Active: Covered buckles, Large pad - Provides more surface area over thighs & has front padded cover over buckles. Suited for sport players. 
  • Basic: Exposed buckles, Slim pad - Low profile. Suited for all wheelchairs including manual & power chairs. 


Step 3: Select mount

  • Webbing Mount: Loop through standard fixings or attach via mounting kit to the seat canes. Most common mount option; however not recommended for clients with strong extensor thrust. 
  • Solid Mount: Rigid mount which bolts to the chair. For heavy thrusting clients or active sports players to prevent movement.


Step 4: Select buckle

  • Easy Buckle: Easily opened for those with limited hand function, including tetraplegics, stroke victims. 
  • Compact Buckle: Low profile use. Most commonly chosen buckle. 


Step 5: Padding required?

Medifab can upgrade your Pelvi-Loc to be extra comfy for those at risk. Available in either a removable pad or you can purchase padding sewn directly to the Pelvi-Loc. Padding options include Sunmate pressure sensitive foam or Gel Pugee foam. 


Pelvi-Loc works for Extensor Spasms

This person has very high extensor spasms and has had numerous seating professionals assisting with her difficult postural needs. This client would often straighten like a board.

One day at a seating workshop the Pelvi-Loc was installed as a last-ditch attempt to lock her pelvis back.

The results were successful! This person is much more comfortable and the carers no longer have to keep repositioning her in the wheelchair. 

Pelvi-Loc works for Athetoid Movements

This teenager has extreme extensor thrust and athetoid movements. 4-point hip belts could never secure his pelvis. 

Since the Pelvi-Loc has been Installed he maintains an upright posture resulting in less uncontrollable movements.

His carers are amazed how he is learning more at school because he can control his arms and hands with the benefit of sitting upright and not slipping forward!