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  • New Size 0 Grillo now available!
  • Grillo PA Posterior version

Grillo Gait Trainer

Sturdy walking aid designed for children and teenagers with physical disabilities. NEW Size 0 available!

Improve Mobility and Independence

Medifab's Grillo Gait Trainer is a sturdy walking aid designed for people with physical disabilities.The innovative new Grillo has been completely redesigned and now has the widest range of height adjustment on the market! 

Easily adjusts and tool-free for user growth, transportation or multi-patient use - it also folds so easily!

Measurement bar allows for quick, easy and accurate adjustment while maintaining a constant centre of gravity even with the user in place.

Available in either an Anterior or Posterior Configuration. Comes in Four Sizes: Zero, One/Two, Three/Four, and Five.

Grillo Gait Trainer is designed to generate and help the step pattern, to train the pelvis and trunk to keep their balance, to organize a wider structured vision of space of distance and of the user’s surroundings in his upright position, to develop physical self-sufficiency and psychological independence by exercising the possibility of acting alone without the help of other people.

An open-back design accommodates easy ‘getting-in’ and ‘getting-out’ and can be a forward or rear facing gait trainer.

Its wide range of adjustments and supports make it easy-fitting to the different needs and features of the User.


Age Group: 
  Size Mini (0) Size Small (1-2) Size Medium (3-4) Size Large (5)
Pelvic support height 41-63 cm 49 - 84cm 54 - 100cm 63 - 117 cm
Trunk support height   69 - 100cm 76 - 125cm  
Support circumference 53-79 cm 55 - 80cm 67 - 103cm 78 - 115 cm
User height range 75-90 cm 90 - 135cm 110 - 160cm 190 cm
Max Load 35 kg 40kg 90kg 110 kg
Total weight of Anterior configuration   16.2kg 19.5kg 23 kg
Total weight of Posterior configuration   15.7kg 17.7kg 22 kg


Feedback from Brendan's mother

"Brendan is doing really well in the Grillo – it's so light!

He’s 22 years old now, and had several walkers in the past. Hart walker – he did well in that but grew out of it, then he used a Rifton at school – it was just so heavy and he couldn’t move it.

Now we are shocked; he’s running!

We’ve always wished he could walk like another student at school does but now he’s overtaking him!

I think it would be a good walker for others to use."

Medifab thanks Brendan's mother for sharing their story!