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  • Verve buggy with sibling seat
    Verve buggy with sibling seat
  • Verve buggy with sibling seat
  • Launcher indoor base
  • Moon rock base
  • Lunar base
  • Wide range of base options
  • Wide range of upholstery options

Spex Discovery

Discovery gives the child the best start in life through proven early intervention. Parents can gain peace of mind knowing their childs special needs are cared for with Discovery, for the best start in life!

Clinical care with style

Discovery gives the child the best start in life through proven early intervention…an exciting mission enabling parents to lead a dynamic, fun and active lifestyle. Gain peace of mind knowing your child’s special needs are cared for with clinical and ergonomic support for the best start in life!

Designed especially for infants and toddlers between 6 months to 5 years, the Discovery seating system allows the therapist to optimise the postural care of children from a young age and helps to address clinical issues before they set in.

The Discovery is an innovative and versatile postural management seating system that seamlessly adapts to a child's daily activities, so whether that’s a day out with the family, attending school, having fun at Grandma’s or simply just relaxing at home the Discovery will make life fun.

Learn, Play, Relax & Explore... One Seat does it all!

  • Moon Buggy Base: Ultra-lightweight aluminium stroller
  • Lunar Base: Clean timber lines ensure this base blends in with the rest of the furniture
  • Launcher: Height-adjustable indoor frame to access different vantage points in home or school environments
  • Moon Rock: Rocking movement provides reflex stimulation. Locking bar engages at rear when rocking is not required

Discovery seat's unique benefits:

  • Easy seat engage interface system. Seat easily locates and self-locks into the horizontal interface bars. This is an easy visual system for the carer when operating in their busy lifestyle.
  • 40º weight-shift tilt-in-space function. Mechanism is amalgamated into seat unit meaning there are less moving parts.
  • Backrest recline. Ergonomic and biomechanical system that reduces skin shear when in use.
  • Elevating footplate. Functions with true biomechanical movement with pivot located at the knee. Adjustment knob is located at rear of seat to be less awkward when operating.
  • Seat adjustments made simple. Every adjustment point has been meticulously designed to enable easy growth adjustment and fine-tuning as the user grows.
  • Lateral trunk/thigh supports. Support pads are aligned with unique swivel connectors to enable correct orientation and lateral control for the user



Children develop skills as they grow. They roll over, begin to crawl, and learn to walk etc. however children that are affected with a physical disability are slower or may never achieve these skills. Early intervention applies to children from birth to school age who are discovered be at risk of developing a handicapping condition or other conditions that may affect their development. Early intervention consists in the provision of services for children and their families with the purpose of lessening the effects of the condition. Early intervention can be remedial or preventive in nature, remediating existing developmental problems or preventing their occurrence.


Discovery gives the child the best start in life through proven early intervention. Appropriate seating equipment for young children with physical disabilities is imperative to provide an optimal seated position from which they may engage in functional activities.  International research has verified the benefits of adaptive seating to include improved postural alignment, development of motor skills, helping the prevention of fixed deformity and facilitation of upper extremity function. It is vital to comprehend the seating principles that dictate the sitting postures of children and young people and the impact they have on long term health and function.


Our philosophy is to care for the child right throughout the day within one seat, that’s why the Discovery seat can be interfaced into any of the 4 bases saving on resources and the need to purchase additional equipment.


The therapist can work with the family on the journey through effective early intervention and continual clinical follow up knowing that the Discovery’s seating can be ‘tuned’ and adjusted easily and the child grows.


We know that posture is so important for these kids with physical disabilities and we want to meet the desires of the therapist and family so that the child’s sitting posture improves and develops. With seating the child early as possible in the Discovery will help to maintain good postural management to help prevent complications such as contractures and structural changes in the skeletal system while improving daily quality of life no matter how complex their disabilities. 

Children with moderate to severe physical disabilities such as cerebral palsy, spina bifida, muscular dystrophy and developmental delay etc. can benefit from the Discovery’s ability to provide optimum pelvic stability, trunk/head alignment and good leg and foot positioning.


The Discovery:

  • Delivers an optimal seated position so the child can engage in functional activities.
  • Provides specific fine-tuned seating requirements for a perfect setup for the individual user.
  • Observes internationally recognised clinical and therapeutic practices for disabled or handicapped children.
  • Provides quality postural management with modular accessories that can be added and removed depending on specific needs.
  • Ability to be ‘planar’ or ‘complex’ depending on user needs


  • Discovery Modular Seat Cushion

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    Discovery Modular Seat Cushion

    Adjustable postural cushion for the Spex Discovery. Not compatible if thigh/trochanter wedges are also selected.

  • Discovery Thigh Wedges

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    Discovery Thigh Wedges

    On Velcro attachment.Cut to required depth

  • Discovery Trochanter Wedges

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    Discovery Trochanter Wedges

    On Velcro attachment.

    Cut to required depth.

  • Discovery Contoured Laterals

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    Discovery Contoured Laterals

    9 cm high x 13 cm deep

    2006-3030-099:Contoured laterals in Jet Black (breathable fabric)

    2006-3030-209:Contoured laterals in Ink Black (wipe-down)

    2006-3030-099, 2006-3030-209
  • Discovery Teardrop Laterals

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    Discovery Teardrop Laterals

    Long Trunk Support.

      Size 1 Size 2
    Height 13.5 cm 15.5 cm
    Depth 7.5 cm 10.5 cm
    Jet (breathable fabric) 2006-3110-099 2006-3120-099
    Ink (wipe-down) 2006-3110-209 2006-3120-209


    2006-3110-099, 2006-3110-209, 2006-3120-099, 2006-3120-209
  • Discovery Sacral Insert

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    Discovery Sacral Insert

    Sacral foam insert on Velcro attachment.

    For added thickness, the Sacral Insert can be combined with an additional foam spacer to adhere behind primary Sacral Insert (10 cm x 18 cm) - Code 2006-2515-000

    2006-2510-000, 2006-2515-000
  • Discovery Shoulder Protraction Wedge

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    Discovery Shoulder Protraction Wedge

    Shoulder protraction wedge on Velcro attachment.

  • Discovery Hip Guides

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    Discovery Hip Guides

    Width, depth and angle adjustable hip guides.

    Jet (breathable fabric) 2006-1010-099
    Ink (wipe-down) 2006-1010-209

    Additional hip guide mounting bracket can be used for seat depths greater than 22 cm: Code 2006-1012-000

    2006-1010-099, 2006-1010-209
  • Discovery Abductor Pommel

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    Discovery Abductor Pommel

    Padded, quick-release abductor pommel.

    3.5 cm wide. Only for use with standard seat cushion (not modular cushion).

    Jet (breathable fabric) 2006-1610-099
    Ink (wipe-down) 2006-1610-209


    2006-1610-099, 2006-1610-209
  • Discovery Knee Adductors

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    Discovery Knee Adductors

    For use without hip guides or seat depth greater than 27 cm.

  • Discovery Headrest Options

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    Discovery Headrest Options

    Option Jet (Breathable) Ink (Wipe-Down) Image
    Adjustable Headrest Wings (required for all headrest supports below) 2006-4460-099 2006-4460-209

    Occipital Support Headrest with removable depth adjuster leaf 2006-4101-099 2006-4101-209

    Standard Lateral Support Headrest with removable depth adjuster leaf 2006-4201-099 2006-4201-209

    Extended Lateral Support Headrest with removable depth adjuster leaf 2006-4301-099 2006-4301-209


    2006-4460-099, 2006-4460-209, 2006-4101-099, 2006-4101-209, 2006-4201-099, 2006-4201-209, 2006-4301-099, 2006-4301-209
  • Discovery Tray Table

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    Discovery Tray Table

    Height, depth and angle adjustable tray table with seat pan tray mount brackets.

    Quick release grab rail accessory: Code 2006-7210-000

    2006-7110-000, 2006-7210-000
  • Cooling Drape for Strollers

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    Cooling Drape for Strollers

    White Outlast Cooling drape for pushchairs and strollers - with slots for laterals, shoulder straps.

    Removes easily for washing.



Age Group: 

The Medifab Discovery is the subject of design rights and copyright. Patents Pending.

Discovery Seat Specifications Verve Stroller Specifications
Seat Depth 14-30 cm Push Handle Height 77-109 cm
Seat Width 13-27 cm Frame Width 65 cm
Lower Leg Length 7-28 cm Frame Length 93 cm
Backrest Height 45-58 cm Front Wheel Diameter 23.5 cm
Shoulder Strap Height 24-39 cm Rear Wheel Diameter 30 cm
Backrest Recline 90-160º Max Load: Main Seat 25 kg
Trunk Lateral Width 12-25 cm Max Load: Sibling Seat 15 kg
Tilt in Space (forward facing) 40° Max Load of Verve 55 kg
Max Load of Seat 25 kg Frame Weight (inc. wheels) 12.5 kg
Seat Weight 7.5 kg    
Folded Size L56 x W33 x H14 cm Folded Size L84 x W65 x H31 cm


Indoor bases Lunar Launcher Moon Rock

Frame Width 43 cm 61 cm 41 cm
Frame Length 63 cm 73 cm 71 cm
Frame Height 17-28 cm 54 cm 27.5 cm
Seat to floor Height 22-32 cm 38-68 cm 34 cm
Weight 2.5 kg 9.2 kg 3.4 kg
Max Load of Seat 25 kg 25 kg 25 kg


Colour Options

Jet Black
(Breathable Fabric)
Ocean Blue
(Breathable Fabric)
Calypso Pink
(Breathable Fabric)

Mango Orange
(Breathable Fabric)
Chilli Red
(Breathable Fabric)
Ink Black