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  • Corzino Stroller
    Corzino Stroller
  • Corzino Stroller
    Corzino Stroller
  • Corzino Stroller
    Corzino Stroller
  • Corzino Stroller
    Corzino Stroller
  • Corzino Stroller
    Corzino Stroller

Corzino Stroller

Basic mobility transit solution, with style and comfort

Fully foldable undercarriage of specific authentic design is produced from lightweight profiles with powder coating finish. Corzino is equipped with optimized buggy-folding system, newly redesigned well padded ergonomical seat cover, wheels of 175 / 260mm, light frame, 5-point fixation ensuring high safety and comfortable handling, high maximum load (up to 75 kg - size 38) and very easy folding.

These features make the Corzino very well suited for in-town conditions and public transportation, but as well as for light outdoor activities. Despite all the advantages of the buggy-folding, Corzino preserves the positioning advantages of the standard rehab-strollers for disabled children.

Corzino offers basic “growing” features with fully height adjustable footrest. Wide variety of sizes and modifications ensure fulfilling of majority requirements of user’s wide spectrum.



  • Tension adjustable sling seating
  • 5-Point safety harness
  • Puncture proof solid tyres
  • Foot lever on axle to assist going over kerbs
  • Ideal for children and teenagers individuals that fatigue easily
  • A great consideration for users with ASD - Autistic Spectrum Disorders for safe involvement in recreation and outdoors life

Larger User who would like a Corzo? See the X-Country model here.


  • Corzino Trunk Support

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    Corzino Trunk Support

    The Corzino trunk support offers some gentle lateral stabilty for users with poor trunk control.
    Available in two sizes:

    Size 1 Size 2
    For Corzino 30 For Corzino 38
    2530-3327-003 2530-3328-003
    Size 1: 2530-3327-003, Size 2: 2530-3328-003
  • Corzino Fabric Basket

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    Corzino Fabric Basket

    The black fabric basket for the Corzino is an accessory and folds with the stroller.

    Size 1 Size 2
    For Size 30 and 34 For Size 38 and 42
    2530-8026-007 2530-8027-007


    Size 1: 2530-8026-007, Size 2: 2530-8027-007
  • Corzino Head Support Wings

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    Corzino Head Support Wings

    Small: 2530-4401-000, Medium: 2350-4402-000
  • Corzino Rain Cover

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    Corzino Rain Cover

    For protection from the rain.

    Size 1 Size 2
    For Size 30 and 34 For Size 38 and 42
    2530-7601-000 2530-7602-000
    Size 1: 2530-7601-000, Size 2: 2530-7602-000
  • Corzino Anti-Escape Belts

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    Corzino Anti-Escape Belts

    Anti-Escape Hip Belt 1409-6211-026
    Anti-Escape Cross Strap for Harness 4604-3004-026
    Hip Belt: 1409-6211-026, Cross Strap: 4604-3004-026
  • Corzino Soft Tray Table

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    Corzino Soft Tray Table

    2530 7101
  • Stroller Handle-Bar Accessory Bag

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    Stroller Handle-Bar Accessory Bag

    Practical stroller accessory bag that clips onto the handle-bars of your stroller.

    Code: 2540-8012-099





Age Group: 
Corzino Size 30 Size 38
Code 2531-0000-000 2535-0000-000
Approx Ages 1-8 yrs 6-21 yrs
Max. Load 45 kg 75 kg
Seat Depth 25 cm 33 cm
Seat Width 25 cm 33 cm
Back Height 53 cm 86 cm
Footplate Height 24-37 cm 29-47 cm
Stroller Weight 11.5 kg 13.5 kg
Backrest Angle Fixed Fixed
Seat Angle 17° 21°
Centreline of Armrest Tubes 30 cm 38 cm
Total Length 98 cm 115 cm
Total Width 53 cm 63 cm
Folded Stroller Length 117 cm 120 cm
Folded Stroller Width 32 cm 35 cm
Folded Stroller Height 35 cm 38 cm

NOT certified for use in Vehicle Transportation.


2 years on the frame


Article taken from LION, South Pacific Edition, September/October 2012, pg 6