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Bingo Evo Stroller

Rehab pushchairs are an important part of the care of disabled children, and the Bingo stroller has offered an innovative solution since 2005. Bingo Evo is the result of an ongoing development and improvements to the Bingo Stroller

New: Evo OT, highly configurable model available

Cobra Indoor Base

The Cobra indoor base provides an exceptional added dimension to the Bingo Evo seat. With 45 degrees of tilt and a continuous adjustable gas spring for height adjustment makes this a very easy system to use around the home or school environment.

The tilt and height adjustment can be applied with the child sitting in the equipment.


  • Cobra Hi-Low Indoor Base

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    Cobra Hi-Low Indoor Base

    With gas pressure spring and 45° tilt. Seat height from 27-61 cm. 

    Size 1 2880-8711-000
    Size 2 2880-8721-000


    2880-8711-000, 2880-8721-000
  • Bingo Hip Supports

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    Bingo Hip Supports

    Removable hip supports, width and depth adjustable.

    2881-1005-000, 2882-1006-000
  • Bingo Evo Spacer Fabric Upgrade

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    Bingo Evo Spacer Fabric Upgrade

    Special spacer fabric to help reduce perspiration.

    Black on back and seat surface of the upholstery.

    2881-0405-000, 2882-0406-000
  • Bingo Evo Angle Adjustable Footrest

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    Bingo Evo Angle Adjustable Footrest

    Footrest hanger angle adjustable (85-160 degrees)

    2881-5161-000, 2882-5162-000
  • Bingo Evo Ventilator Tray

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    Bingo Evo Ventilator Tray

    This can only be used in conjuction with 4 wheeled stroller.

    2880-8058-000, 2880-8059-000
  • Bingo Evo Accessory Basket

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    Bingo Evo Accessory Basket

    Accessory basket (max 8 kg) Can't be used in conjunction with vehicle tie-downs

    2881-8053-000, 2881-8054-000
  • Bingo Evo Tie-down Kit

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    Bingo Evo Tie-down Kit

    Bingo Evo Tie-down Kit (can't be used in conjunction with 2881-8053 accessory bag).

    When purchasing with Stroller, use code: 2880-8500-000

    When purchasing for an existing Stroller, use code: 2880-8509-000

    2880-8500-000, 2880-8509-000
  • Bingo Evo Oxygen Bottle Holder

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    Bingo Evo Oxygen Bottle Holder

    Oxygen bottle size 100-120 mm diameter. Mid mounted for stability and quick release detachment.

    Only in conjunction with 4 wheeled stroller.

  • Bingo Evo abduction block

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    Bingo Evo abduction block

      Size 1 Size 2 Size 3
    Fixed Code 2880-1551-000 2880-1552-000 2880-1553-000
    Swing-Away Code 2880-1651-000 2880-1652-000 2880-1653-000
    A (Length) 9 cm 11 cm 12.5 cm
    B (Width) 6 cm 8 cm 9 cm
    C (Height) 9 cm 10 cm 10 cm


    2880-1551-000, 2880-1552-000, 2880-1553-000, 2880-1651-000, 2880-1652-000, 2880-1653-000
  • Bingo Evo Tray Table

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    Bingo Evo Tray Table

    Therapy Tray Table, Grey, height-adjustable. 

    Size 1 2880-7111-000
    Size 2 2880-7112-000

    Tray Infill installed with smaller trunk cut-out: 2880-7180-000

    2880-7111-000, 2880-7112-000
  • Bingo Evo 5 point harness

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    Bingo Evo 5 point harness

  • Bingo Evo Lateral Supports

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    Bingo Evo Lateral Supports

    Fixed, Straight laterals - supplied as a pair. 

    XSmall 2880-3301-000
    Small 2880-3302-000


    2880-3301-000, 2880-3302-000
  • Bingo Evo Grab Rail

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    Bingo Evo Grab Rail

    With upholstery.

    Size 1 2880-7251-000
    Size 2 2880-7252-000


    2880-7251-000, 2880-7252-000


Age Group: 

Dimensions (cm) & weights (kg)

Bingo Evo Size 1

Bingo Evo Size 2

Bingo Evo Size 3

Mobility Base with swivelling wheels

Push handle height

75 - 110

75 - 110


Overall width




Wheel diameter front (swivel)




Wheel diameter rear




Tilt in space forward facing user




Tilt in space reverse facing user




Folded size mobility base (With rear wheels on)

80 x 63 x 38

80 x 68 x 38


Folded size mobility base (With rear wheels removed)

80 x 63 x 31

80 x 68 x 31


Weight mobility base kg (swiveling front wheels)




Load capacity mobility base kg




Seat unit

Seat depth

16 - 34

22 - 40

27 - 45

Seat width

18 - 30

23 - 35

23 - 35

Lower leg length

16 - 37

16 - 40

16 - 40

Backrest height

45 - 63

54 - 75

62 - 83

Height of slots for shoulder straps

28 - 46

34 - 55

Seat to Floor Height 46 cm* 46 cm* 46 cm*

Recline backrest




Weight of Seat




Load capacity seat unit




Weight of Seat and Mobility base combined




* Dependent on tilt position of seat. 

Colour Options


                  Pink Covers                                            Turquoise Covers                                            Black/Grey Check Covers

Standards Compliance

The Bingo Evolution 4 wheeled Stroller complies with the relevant requirements of ISO 7176-19, and has been evaluated as meeting Australian Standard AS 3695, by NovitaTech Regency Park in March 2012.

Bingo Indoor Base Data
Seat height with 75mm castor 27 - 61cm
Seat height with 125mm castor 33.5 - 67.5cm
Total width 61cm
Total length 71cm
Tilt 0 - 45 degrees
Total weight with 75mm castor 11.3kg
Total weight with 125mm castor 13.3kg
Castor diameter 75 or 125mm
Load capacity 50kg



12 months


Making the move from a traditional buggy to the Bingo was a positive experience for us as a family.  Suddenly our child's postural needs were met - without makeshift pieces of foam as we had in our old buggy.  Our family was not ready for a wheelchair as our child was still very young, so the Bingo offered an excellent option for us - maintaining a 'buggy look' while providing appropriate support and adjustability, as well as providing a comfortable ride when off-road walking with our family dogs (thanks to the multi directional suspension system).

A positive feature is the ability to fix the front wheels or leave them to swivel, making it ideal for both shopping outings and outdoor activities. We loved being able to fold this buggy without the need for removing the seating system.  Room for equipment underneath the buggy was an added bonus when out and about with a child with high needs.  The tilt in space feature is not only great for positioning, but great for resting or for visits to the hospital dentist.

The Bingo has provided us with several years of growth adjustability without the need for any additional features. After consultation with our OT we have been able to do many of the adjustments ourselves as it is very user friendly to adjust.   The Bingo has been a great stepping stone between a traditional buggy and a wheelchair and I would highly recommend it to families who are not yet ready to move to a wheelchair.


Mother of child with Bingo Stroller