Stand-Up Sit-to-Stand Frame

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Stand-Up Sit-to-Stand Frame

Independence with Innovation!

Adjustable and compact mobile standing frame which allow a person with motor problems to get into and stay in an upright position and move around independently.

  • Biomechanically designed sliding seat system follows the change in relationship of seat to back position as the user is stood up for comfort and reduction of skin shear.
  • Swing-away armrests for easy transfers.
  • Gentle elevation and descent with powered control.
  • Self-propelled manoeuvrability once standing.
  • Height-adjustable frame for teenagers and adults
  • Height-adjustable tray table.
  • Easy sit-to-stand elevation with the powered controls. 
  • Excellent foot clearance during transfers.

Stand-Up Junior

The same innovative features are configured into a smaller frame for 10 to 18 year olds and smaller adults. #5271

Stand-Up Senior 

Enjoy the benefits of standing whilst being able to complete daily tasks and driving yourself around using the hand wheels. #5272

Stand-Up Senior with Powered Mobility

Unsurpassed ease of use and independence with joystick control elevation/descent and mobility. Slim and compact powered unit enables the user to move around with ease. #5278


  • Stand-Up Brake Lever Extensions

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    Stand-Up Brake Lever Extensions

    #5270 8460

  • Stand-Up Chest Strap

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    Stand-Up Chest Strap

    Chest Strap Accessory: To be attached to backrest, with velcro closure strap.

    100mm wide by desired length.

    5270 6800
  • Stand-Up Contoured Backrest

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    Stand-Up Contoured Backrest

    'Vigour' additional height, contoured backrest with removable/washable upholstery and velcro positioned lumbar support pad.

    5270 2350
  • Stand-Up Hip Belt

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    Stand-Up Hip Belt

    Safety Hip Belt



Age Group: 
  Senior (#5272) Junior (#5271)
Age Range Teenager to Adult 10-18 years
Max User Weight 130kg 100kg
Total Body Height 150-195cm 120-160cm
Hip Width 40 and 44cm 34cm
Frame Width 61cm 50cm
Frame Depth 107cm 99cm
Frame Weight 56kg 49kg



Are Hoist Transfers Possible?

Yes, the hoist can easily come around the frame to enable patient transfers.