Grip-n-Assist Transfer & Gait Belt

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HomeProductsPatient Handling SpecialsGrip N Assist Transfer Gait Belt

Grip-n-Assist Transfer & Gait Belt

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Instrumental in assisting individuals with mobility issues

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The Grip-n-Assist transfer and gait belt is the much needed product for the wellness and therapeutic aspect of today's elderly and injury recovering individuals. Welcomed by healthcare professionals, family members and caregivers alike, the Grip-n-Assist belt is a multi-functional tool that addresses virtually all the difficulties associated with caregiver assistance and the restricted mobility and ambulation of patients and loved ones.

Remove the fear and strain

The Grip-n-Assist belt with its patented design and comfort grips removes the fear and strain for people with difficulties attempting the once easy tasks in life such as walking, exiting a vehicle, sitting down, standing up, getting in or out of the bath or any other simply daily activity.

Quality of life

Whether a temporary or permanent injury, a post surgical situation, age or the inability to move around alone, the Grip-n-Assist belt will restore your quality of life and give you “Assisted Living”.
Worn around the waist of either the mobility challenged or the caregiver, It brings security, comfort and ease to the elderly, injured or anyone who struggles with basic tasks involving going to the bathroom, getting in or out of bed, chairs, wheelchairs, cars or the shower and up and down stairs.

Transfers made easy

The Grip-n-Assist product makes the process of moving and transferring more comfortable while encouraging safety and security for all involved.

  • Four sturdy full sized grips on the Grip-n-Assist belt are ergonomically positioned. (Designed for maximum comfort, efficiency, safety, and ease of use, especially in the workplace).
  • Manufactured with a highly durable material capable of withstanding years of use in a high volume setting.
  • Constructed with patented "bones" behind each grip therefore not allowing the belt to fold onto itself during use.
  • Unlike all other gait or transfer belts which are made with cloth fabrics (which retain germs), the Grip-n-Assist belt is manufactured with a durable material which is 100%  washable with a mild solution or warm water and soap.
  • Can be worn back-to-front.
Useful for:
  • Physical Therapy
  • Recovering injuries
  • Post surgery
  • General mobility limitations
  • Getting in and out of cars, showers, beds, or wheelchairs
  • Getting on and off the toilet
  • Walking up or down stairs
  • Support during movement


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1 year limited warranty