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Bingo Cobra

Easy to use indoor seating system for the home or school environment

The Cobra indoor base in conjunction with the Bingo Evo seat provides an exceptional seating solution for anywhere indoors. 

45 degrees of tilt and a continuous adjustable gas spring for height adjustment makes this a very easy system to use around the home or school environment.

The Bingo Evo seat offers multiple accessories to achieve the correct positioning and support required. 

Tilt and height adjustment of the Cobra base can be applied with the child sitting in the seat. 

Functional Benefits

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Bingo Features:
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  • Bingo Evo Abduction Block

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    Bingo Evo Abduction Block

      Size 1 Size 2 Size 3
    Fixed Code 2880-1551-000 2880-1552-000 2880-1553-000
    Swing-Away Code 2880-1651-000 2880-1652-000 2880-1653-000
    A (Length) 9 cm 11 cm 12.5 cm
    B (Width) 6 cm 8 cm 9 cm
    C (Height) 9 cm 10 cm 10 cm


    2880-1551-000, 2880-1552-000, 2880-1553-000, 2880-1651-000, 2880-1652-000, 2880-1653-000
  • Bingo Evo Angle Adjustable Foot Support

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    Bingo Evo Angle Adjustable Foot Support

    Footrest hanger angle adjustable (85-160 degrees)

    2881-5161-000, 2882-5162-000
  • Bingo Evo Spacer Fabric Upgrade

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    Bingo Evo Spacer Fabric Upgrade

    Special spacer fabric to help reduce perspiration.

    Black on back and seat surface of the upholstery.

    2881-0405-000, 2882-0406-000
  • Bingo Hip Supports

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    Bingo Hip Supports

    Removable hip supports, width and depth adjustable.

    2881-1005-000, 2882-1006-000


Age Group: 
Dimension Size 1 Size 2
Code 2880-8711/2-000 2880-8721/2-000
Seat Unit Compatability For size 1 Bingo seat unit For size 2 and 3 Bingo seat unit
Castor Diameter 75 or 125 mm
Seat Height (75 mm Castors) 27 - 61 cm  
Seat Height (125 mm Castors) 33.5 - 67.5 cm  
Width 61 cm  
Length 71 cm  
Tilt 0 - 45°
Weight (75mm Castors) 11.3 kg  
Weight (125mm Castors) 13.3 kg  
Max. User Weight 50 kg