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Timy Car Seat

Swivel, support, growth

Assists children requiring specific postural support and stability during travel in the car. Here's why:

Swivel Base
  • Reduces the physical stress on the carer during transfers in and out of the vehicle – especially for heavy children.
  • Easier to buckle up the harness with the seat facing you.
  • Safer for the child as the harness is in full view, and you can ensure that it is properly tensioned. 
  • Saves the carer's back from the dreadful 'Lift & Twist' when placing the child in the car. 

Postural Support

  • Has full chest/thoracic and hip/thigh lateral support to keep the child in a safe mid-line posture during travel
  • The TIMY in the only vehicle safety seat that incorporates true pre-ischial pelvic support – it has a pelvic well which is often essential to control pelvis and also offers enhanced comfort
  • Height adjustable headrest system. Extra head supports can be installed if necessary for additional lateral head control
  • Comfortable and breathable padding. Vital for short or longer distances as the child can tolerate their posture better
  • Anatomic design suits most postures and is readily adaptable for fully customized seating


For presentations such as Kyphoscholiosis the seating can be customised to provide optimum support and stability.


  • Timy Additional Seat Padding

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    Timy Additional Seat Padding

    Reduces Seat Width for Individual Settings

    4150 1000
  • Timy Footplate

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    Timy Footplate

    Height, depth and angle adjustable footplate/leg rest system.

  • Timy Head Support Lateral Blocks

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    Timy Head Support Lateral Blocks

    Head Support Lateral Blocks with Elastic Straps

    4150 4401
  • Timy Lateral Support

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    Timy Lateral Support

    Lateral support pad, Velcro fastened - one side only.

    4150 3099
  • Timy Tether Strap

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    Timy Tether Strap

    4130 6951
  • Timy Tray

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    Timy Tray

    Forearm/anterior body support tray. For extra stability, the tray provides forearm propping and assists with children who tend to lean over. 

    4130 6951


Age Group: 
Size Junior Standard Senior Maxi
Code 4151-0010-000 4152-0010-000 4153-0010-000 4154-0010-000
Approx Age 2 - 6 years 4 - 12 years 6 - 14 years 8 - 16 years
Weight Capacity 15 - 36kg 15 - 36kg 15 - 36kg 15 - 49kg
Seat Depth 23 - 32cm 32 - 40cm 34 - 42cm 36 - 45cm
Seat Width 26cm 31cm 36cm 36cm
Shoulder Height Range 28 - 48cm 35 - 55cm 38 - 58cm 40 - 60cm
Seat Weight 11kg 13kg 15kg 15kg








Tilt Range: 0° - 25° of tilt


How is the Timy Car Seat anchored in the car? Does it require ISOfix or does it latch in using the existing seatbelts and tether links?

The Timy is a booster seat meaning that its harness is for postural support only, not safety. It sits on the vehicle seat and uses the vehicle’s safety belt to hold it there along with a stability bar that fits in the gap between the vehicle seat and backrest.

It has been crash tested under European standard ECE44 and this standard does not require a tether strap to be fitted, however Medifab can fit one if necessary.

How do I adjust the seat depth on the Timy?

  1. There are three wing nuts under the seat and the middle one holds the harness crotch strap. These all need to be undone completely and removed along with the washers.
  2. Once these are undone the seat panel can be removed and the 3 coach bolts transferred from the current holes to the next set of holes – or which ever ones will provide the correct depth of support.
  3. Ensure the centre crotch strap is captured by the middle bolt sandwiched between the seat panel and seat shell.
  4. Ensure the heads of the bolts sit snug in the holes in the seat panel (these holes will be square if it is a recent model. If they are round the bolts may need to be hammered in to sit snug on the seat panel. A technician may be better to help out to do this if this is the case.)
  5. Refasten the three wing nuts with the washers and tighten securely.
  6. Adjust the crotch strap to a suitable height for effective pelvis anchorage.


Timy Review from Mother

The Timy car seat has made a huge difference to the health of my back.  Lifting a heavy 4 year old child into a traditional car seat is a hard task and the Timy's swivel feature makes transfers so much easier.

We can even swivel the seat when the car is stationary and use it as a high chair when on outings! The height of the seat makes for great viewing out the passenger window which keeps our young man occupied.  

The tilting base makes it easy to adjust to suit our child's needs.  As a parent concerned with safety I was grateful to Medifab for outfitting our Timy with an easy on/off rear tether strap, which gives extra peace of mind.


Timy Review from OT

The Timy fitted well into the car. This child has very low tone and we have it on maximum tilt because his head control isn’t perfect yet and has been rearwards-facing up till now.

His posture is very good and he looks very good.