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Spirit Car Seat

Car seat safety with adjustable positioning system

The Spirit APS is the only car seat to offer optional Swing-Away Trunk and Hip Supports usually found only in complex seating/wheelchair systems.


• Can be outfitted with adjustable hip and trunk supports for better positioning
• Vehicle shoulder belt may be used to tether in many installations
• Able to support users up to 66 inches in height and up to 130 lbs. in weight
• Low profile sides for easy transfer of users
• Durable, machine-washable padded cover
• Recline bar (-30° from vertical)
• Soft-padded headwings
• Latex and silicone free
• Crash tested


Functional Benefits

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  • Spirit Tether Strap

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    Spirit Tether Strap

    Required accessory

  • Spirit Swing-Away Abductor

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    Spirit Swing-Away Abductor

    Assists with improving hip alignment by separating the legs, preventing scissoring for those children with increased lower body muscle tone.

  • Spirit Swing-Away Trunk Supports

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    Spirit Swing-Away Trunk Supports

    Select Brackets:

    Trunk Width Range Brackets
    6" - 12" 2" x 4"
    10" - 14" 2" x 3"
    12" - 15" 2" x 2"; 2" x 3"
    14" - 16" 2" x 2"

    Select Pads:

    Small Pad 3" x 3"
    Medium Pad 3" x 5"
    Large Pad 4" x 6"

    Each pad is 1" thick.

  • Spirit Swing-Away Hip Supports

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    Spirit Swing-Away Hip Supports

    Choose Brackets:

    Hip Width Range Brackets
    10" - 14" 2" x 3"
    13" - 16" 2" x 2"

    Choose Pads:

    Small Pad 3" x 6"
    Medium Pad 4" x 8"
    Large Pad 4" x 12"

    Each pad is 1" thick.

  • Spirit Incontinence Covers

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    Spirit Incontinence Covers

    Available for Car Seat, Hip Pads and Abductor

  • Spirit Seat Depth Extender

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    Spirit Seat Depth Extender

    4" seat depth extender, recommended for those individuals with a thigh depth over 12". The seat depth will expand to 16".

  • Spirit Memory Foam Padding

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    Spirit Memory Foam Padding

    Viscoelastic/Memory foam padding for seat and back. Consists of an additional layer of memory foam to cradle the body prominences which reduces pressure and likelihood of sores, while maximising comfort when seated in the Spirit APS car seat.

  • Spirit Extensor Thrust Wedge

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    Spirit Extensor Thrust Wedge

    3" Extensor Thrust Wedge to prevent children with increased muscle tone from extending their trunk and extremities out of the car seat, maximising postural support for improved upright sitting.


Age Group: 
Min. User Weight 11.3 kg
Max. User Weight 59 kg
Max. Height Capacity 167 cm
Back Height 71 cm
Standard Seat Depth 30 cm
Extended Seat Depth 41 cm
Shoulder Width 46 cm
Inside Seat Width (Rear) 38 cm
Inside Seat Width (Front) 43 cm (48 cm with extender)
Shoulder Harness Heights 28, 34, 41, 47, 52, 58 cm
Seat-to-Back Angle 98 degrees
Car Seat Weight 12 kg



This product is warranted to be free of defects in material and workmanship. Our obligation under this warranty is limited to repair or replacement of any part or entire unit at our option for a period of one year from date of delivery to the original purchaser. The warranty does not include cost of inconvenience, property damage, misuse, abuse, crash or similar incidents. The warranty will not apply if product has been tampered with or repaired by unauthorized individuals.