Seahorse Shower & Commode Chair

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Seahorse Shower & Commode Chair

Modular, tilt-in-space chair for the daily hygiene needs of children and small adults

The award winning Seahorse is based around two sizes of chair frame, each accommodating two different sized modular liners to provide the size options of Mini, Midi, Maxi and Super Maxi.
As the child grows, simply replace the liner with the next size. The cleverly designed frame enables the Seahorse Sanichair to fit over the toilet within a home or school setting whilst the higher centre of gravity enables the child to be effortlessly tilted for washing and showering.

Features include:

  • Elongated seat aperture for easier personal cleaning
  • Very durable/easy to clean construction
  • High quality plastic and aluminium construction for durability, eliminates rusting and aids ease of cleaning
  • Simple tilting mechanism to facilitate showering in a variety of positions with locking safety mechanism for security and peace of mind
  • Height adjustable headrest, footrest and frame 
  • Soft foam liners for comfort and hygiene
  • Elongated aperture for easier personal cleaning
  • Contoured seat to provide support and facilitate toileting
  • Large braked castors for ease of movement and maximum security
  • Optional soft foam headrest for added comfort and support


  • Thin Liner

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    Thin Liner

    For Small Seahorse: 6061-2391-092 - Mini (5-9 year olds)

    For Large Seahorse: 6062-2393-092 - Maxi (12-16 year olds)

    6061-2391-092, 6062-2393-092
  • Thick Liner

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    Thick Liner

    For Small Seahorse: 6061-2392-092 - Midi (3-6 year olds)

    For Large Seahorse: 6062-2394-092 - Super Maxi (9-12 year olds)

    6061-2392-092, 6062-2394-092
  • Seahorse Commode Contoured Head Support

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    Seahorse Commode Contoured Head Support

    Headrest, contoured style with multi-position mechanism.



Age Group: 
Seahorse Size Small
Liner Size Mini #6061 2391 Midi #6061 2392
Seat Depth 345 (360)mm 300 (360)mm
Rear Width of Seat 290 (310)mm 250 (310)mm
Front Width of Seat 340 (370)mm 290 (370)mm
Height of Back 430 (450)mm 430 (450)mm
Total Width 540mm
Total Depth (Upright) 730mm
Min Height of Seat 520mm
Max Height of Seat 625mm
Toilet Clearance 530mm max
Tilt 40 degrees

(Bracketed figures relate to seat without liner)