Nielsen Standard Shower/Commode Chair

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  • Nielsen with Netweave Back
  • Nielsen with Plastic Back

Nielsen Standard Shower/Commode Chair

Simple design - high quality & comfort

Designed in Denmark and produced under danish quality standards.

  • Frame in strong aluminum
  • Seat in ergonomic design
  • Massive telescopic legs providing high stability
  • Castors protected against hair and dirt (closed circuit)
  • Foot supports included as standard providing good support for bare feet
  • Simple features which facilitate the use
  • A wide variety of accessories ensures good adjustment to the individual user


  • Nielsen 125 mm wheels

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    Nielsen 125 mm wheels

    The wheels are of high quality and along with the chair construction makes the chair incredibly smooth running. The wheels are mounted on telescopic legs so the chairs can be adjusted in height. 

  • Nielsen Amputation Supports

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    Nielsen Amputation Supports

    The amputation supports are easy to adjust by pressing a button and setting the desired angle. They can of course be combined with all of our other supports.

  • Nielsen Intimate Bucket With Lid

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    Nielsen Intimate Bucket With Lid

    The Intimate bucket offers both an ergonomic grip, and the possibility of cleaning up to 135°. The size and shape makes sure that the user will not hit the sides. The bucket is designed for our seats and has a perfect fit.

  • Nielsen Calf Support

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    Nielsen Calf Support

    The calf support is especially recommended when you have a risc that the legs of the user will slide backwards. The calf support is made with velcro which makes it depth adjustable. It supports the entire lower leg which provides safety for the user

  • Nielsen Cover

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    Nielsen Cover

    If the chair is only used in bathing situations, it may be persived unnatural to sit on a "toilet seat" The cover for Nielsen Line chair covers the entire seat, and is made of soft PU foam.

  • Nielsen Cross Bar

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    Nielsen Cross Bar

    This cross bar is mounted easily and securely with rubber straps onto the armrests. It provides good support and extra security for the user. 

  • Nielsen Direction Fixed Castor

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    Nielsen Direction Fixed Castor

    The chair can be supplied witha direction fixed castor (dark gray brake pedal). This facilitates maneuvering, and initiation of the chair and ensures that carers health and safety are protected. It is also possible to get direction fixed castor to an existing wheel chair as an accessories. 

  • Nielsen Foot Supports With Heel Straps

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    Nielsen Foot Supports With Heel Straps

    Height adjustable foot supports with heel straps that prevent the user’s feet from sliding backwards when tilting the chair. With heel straps the foot supports can still be pushed aside.

  • Nielsen Height Adjustable Foot Supports

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    Nielsen Height Adjustable Foot Supports

    If needed, we can offer different foot supports than the standard. We can offer both shorter and longer foot supports. The shorter ones (31-41cm from seat to footplate). Extended (49-61 cm), And a reinforced one in standard length. 

  • Nielsen Hip Belt

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    Nielsen Hip Belt

    We offers two different hip belts that can be mounted to the chair:

    • Hip belt with velcro
    • Hip belt with click buckle.

    These are both suitable for users who either need more security, or for preventing the user from sliding forward in the chair. Both can be fitted around a back cane, while the click buckle hip belt can also be mounted to the arm support holders. To prevent sheer or pressure problems caused by the click buckle, it is fitted with a neoprene sleeve.

  • Nielsen Leg Support With Elevation

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    Nielsen Leg Support With Elevation

    If you need more support, we offer leg supports with elevation. With these, you can adjust the angle and the position of the calf rest to achieve optimal support. 

  • Nielsen Pressure Relief Seat

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    Nielsen Pressure Relief Seat

    The pressure-relief seat is designed to educe pressure / shear and thereby preventing pressure ulcers. The seat can preventing and treating pressure ulcers up to grade 3. The anatomical shape of the seat surface and material permissiveness ensure the users stability in the sitting position.

  • Nielsen Soft Backrest

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    Nielsen Soft Backrest

    The soft backrest is made of a stretchable leather. The stretchable material allows it to mold to the user's back.

  • Nielsen Soft Seat

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    Nielsen Soft Seat

    If the user has a need for additional comfort we offer a soft seat in PU foam. The design is adjusted precisely to the seat, so it just can be fitted on top of the seat. This seems also more warmly for the user and provides a better experience of sitting on a shower / commode chair.

  • Nielsen Splash Guard

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    Nielsen Splash Guard

    The splash guard is for people having trouble getting "the beam" directed down in the toilet / bucket. It can alleviate the problem by spreading the legs to facilitate the possibility of lower hygiene. The splash guard only fits on seats with extra-large holes. The splash guard is mounted on the seat.

  • Nielsen Super Soft Foam Cushion

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    Nielsen Super Soft Foam Cushion

    This incredibly soft foam cushion is easily placed on top of the original seat and fastened to the frame with 4 strings. The material is water resistant foam, and since it is not covered, there are no edges that can irritate the skin. The cushion is delivered without aperture so you can adjust the aperture as needed. 

  • Nielsen Urine Funnel

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    Nielsen Urine Funnel

    The urine funnel is made for people who have problems urinating into the toilet. The urin funnel is used by placing the narrow end facing down towards the toilet, or as to help prevent the person from urinating on the floor or on the toilet seat. 


Specification Nielsen Standard
Seat height

44.5 cm - 46 cm, 5 cm - 46 cm, 5 cm - 48 cm, 5 cm - 50 cm, 5 cm - 54 cm, 5 - 56 cm, 5 cm (+ 2.5 cm with 125 mm. wheels)

Seat width 48.5 cm
Seat depth 45 cm
Max. height 93 cm - 105 cm
Max. width 58 cm
Space between the arm rests 47.5cm
Clearance under the seat with bucketholder/without bucketholder 36.5 cm - 48.5 cm / 40.5cm - 52.5 cm
Length (without the foot supports) 60 cm
Weight (incl. foot supports) with plastic back support/with net-weave back support 11 kg (12.6 kg) / 10.6 kg (12.2 kg)
Max. load 150 kg

100 mm wheels with grey rubber and ball bearings and double-active brakes

Height adjustable 7 seat heights can be adjusted with clips (without tools)
Back support Plastic backrest or netweave
Surface/metal Aluminium Steel. Powdercoated