M2 Flexi-Tip Shower/commode chair

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M2 Flexi-Tip Shower/commode chair

With remote operated adjustable seat and back recline

M2 Flexi-Tip is a unique shower/commode chair, as it is the only one available that can be adjusted electronically in both seat angle and backrest angle. 

The chair has a wide variety of seating positions, thus making it capable to correctly position almost every user. The chair is very suitable for users who have had: Hip surgery, users in pain, users with bone cancer, sclerosis, palsy, spasticity, users with low tone, brain damage and neurological problems. 

The simple remote control makes it easy to operate the chair, even without training or instructions. 


User Manuals: 


  • M2 Amputation supports

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    M2 Amputation supports

    The amputation supports can be mounted on all of our M2 models. They are mounted the same way as the standard foot rests. The support plates are made in soft PU foam. Despite the softness of the support plates, they still manage to give the stability and support needed.

  • M2 Arm Support With Increased Width

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    M2 Arm Support With Increased Width

    If you want an increased width between the arm supports it can be achieved using these. One arm support gives an increase of 3 cm in width. 

  • M2 Arm Support With Reduced Width

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    M2 Arm Support With Reduced Width

    If you need the armrests to be closer to the body you can purchase a set of armrests that makes the width 5 cm smaller. One armrest reduce 2.5 cm.

  • M2 Back Support

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    M2 Back Support

    The back support is made of netweave so that water can penetrate. The back support is adjustable in depth through straps that makes it adaptable to the individual user. This provides optimal support over the entire length of the back, even for users with scoliosis.

  • M2 Intimate Bucket With Lid

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    M2 Intimate Bucket With Lid

    The Intimate bucket offers both an ergonomic grip, and the possibility of cleaning up to 130°. The size and shape makes sure that the user will not hit the sides. The bucket is designed for our seats, therefore it wont drop backwards when using the tilt.

  • M2 Calf Support

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    M2 Calf Support

    The calf support is especially recommended for tip-chairs as it prevents the legs of the user to fall back. The calf support is made with velcro which makes it depth adjustable. It supports the entire lower leg which provides safety for the user.

  • M2 Cover for seats

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    M2 Cover for seats

    If you wish to use the shower/commode chair otherwise than for toilet function, a cover can be placed on top of the seat. The cover is made in pu foam, which is the same material as the seat itself. This gives a soft and comfortable seat, when not using the toilet function. 

  • M2 Cross Bar

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    M2 Cross Bar

    The crossbar is placed on the two armrests to give extra support to the user. It is fastened with two rubber strips

  • M2 Cross Guard

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    M2 Cross Guard

    This cross guard is installed at the seat support brackets on the chair, and gives extra security to the user.

  • M2 Seat And Cover

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    M2 Seat And Cover

    The seat is made of soft PU foam with integrated bucket / cymbal stand. A cover is provided standard, so it’s also possible to use the chair as a shower chair with full comfort. 

  • M2 Seat With Small Hole

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    M2 Seat With Small Hole

    This seat can be placed directly on top of a M2 seat to provide a softer seating and a smaller aperture.

  • M2 SideSupports

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    M2 SideSupports

    When using side supports the user will get extra support for the entire body. The side supports are pushed into the fixed holders without any use of tools.

  • M2 Soft backrest

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    M2 Soft backrest

    The soft backrest is made of a stretchable leather. The stretchable material allows it tomold to the user's back. This product is only for M2 Multi-tip

  • M2 Splash Guard

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    M2 Splash Guard

    The splash guard is for people having trouble getting "the beam" directed down in the toilet / bucket. It can alleviate the problem by spreading the legs to facilitate the possibility of lower hygiene. The splash guard only fits on seats with extra-large holes.

  • M2 Super Soft Head Supports In PU Foam

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    M2 Super Soft Head Supports In PU Foam

    The extra soft PU foam provides great comfort to the user. The first model is height adjustable and the second and third are height, depth, and angle adjustable.

  • M2 Supersoft White Foam Seat

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    M2 Supersoft White Foam Seat

    This extra soft foam seat can easily be placed on top of the original seat and can be fastened with four strings to the frame. The seat is made of hydrophobic foam and since it has no cover, there are no edges that can irritate the skin. This foam seat is available with and without a hole

  • M2 Urine Funnel

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    M2 Urine Funnel

    The urine funnel is made for people who have problems urinating into the toilet. The urine funnel is used by placing the narrow end facing down towards the toilet, or as to help prevent the person from urinating on the floor or on the toilet seat.

  • M2 Toilet seat

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    M2 Toilet seat

    For some users using the toilet can be difficult with a regular seat on a shower / commode chair since it may be difficult for some to achieve a so-called defecation position. It is easy to install on all M2 chairs. (Not possible to use on M2 mini, M2 Flexi-tip and M2 wide models)

  • M2 Pressure Relief Seat

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    M2 Pressure Relief Seat

    The Pressure-relief Seat is designed to reduce pressure / shear and thereby preventing pressure ulcers. The seat can preventing and treating pressure ulcers up to grade 3. The anatomical shape of the seat surface and material permissiveness ensure the users stability in the sitting position.

  • M2 Hemiplegia Arm Supports

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    M2 Hemiplegia Arm Supports

    Hemiplegia arm supports are ideal for users with hemiplegia, paraplegia, tetraplegia and others who need extra support at the forearms. It is possible to change the length at two steps on the arm supports, so the support can be adapted for each user.

  • M2 Height And Angle Adjustable Foot Supports

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    M2 Height And Angle Adjustable Foot Supports

    Height adjustable and angle adjustable foot supports. The height and angle is easy to adjust without the use of tools and a bushing in the foot support holder ensures that the foot supports are mounted secure. The height adjustability of the foot support and the angle adjustability of the footplate ensures optimal positioning of your feet. The foot supports fit on the M2 chairs with the exception of M2 200 kg and M2 300 kg. 

  • M2 Head supports

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    M2 Head supports

    The user can safely lean back in the chair for full relaxation. No matter which model you choose, you will get a safe and comfortable support.

  • M2 Height Adjustable Foot Supports

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    M2 Height Adjustable Foot Supports

    With one grip they can either be pushed aside or the footplates can be folded to a vertical position. You can adjust the height with the help of a clip.

    As the height adjustable foot supports but extra long so the tall user can benefit from the chair as well. 

  • M2 Legrest with elevation

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    M2 Legrest with elevation

    If you need more support, we have legrests with elevation. With these, you can adjust the angle and the position of the calf rest to achieve optimal support. 

  • M2 White Foam Seat With Plastic Cover

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    M2 White Foam Seat With Plastic Cover

    This foam seat can easily be placed on top of the original seat and can be fastened with four strings to the frame. The seat is covered with a white plastic cover which makes it easy to clean. 

  • M2 Wide Adjustable Head Supports In PU foam

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    M2 Wide Adjustable Head Supports In PU foam

    The large neck pillow provides great support to the user and can be adjusted in width, as there is a piece of light metal inside in the PU foam. The first model is height adjustable and the second and third are height, depth, and angle adjustable. 


Age Group: 
Specifications M2 Flexi-Tip
Seat height 55.5 - 57.5 - 59.5 - 61.5 cm. Note: Seat lid increases height by 1.5 cm
Seat width 46.5 cm
Seat depth 44 cm
Max height 100 - 102 - 104 - 106 cm
Max width 59 cm
Space between armrests 46 cm
Length (without footrests) 77 cm
Weight 31 kg
Max load 125 kg
  • Wheels: 125 mm wheels with grey rubber and ball bearings. Double working brakes on 3 wheels. 4th wheel is a directional wheel
  • Height adjustment: Telescopic legs in stainless steel with 2 height adjustments, with 2 cm intervals. Height is adjusted with clips
  • Backrest: 39 x 43.5 cm. Depth adjustment up to 10 cm. Netweave with webbing and buckles for depth adjustment. 
  • Foam parts: Seat - 4.5 cm PU foam. Seat lid - 2.5 cm PU foam. Arm supports - 2.5 cm PU foam
  • Motor/batteries: Continuously variable blockable engine. Surface treated metal. Batteries can normally operate up and down 30-40 times before being charged. EL-tightness = IP66 (Dustproof and protected against water beams)
  • Surface/metal: Stainless steel, powdercoated.