M2 Flexi-Tip Shower/commode chair

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HomeProductsBathroom AidsM2 Flexi Tip Showercommode Chair

M2 Flexi-Tip Shower/commode chair

With remote operated adjustable seat and back recline

M2 Flexi-Tip is a unique shower/commode chair, as it is the only one available that can be adjusted electronically in both seat angle and backrest angle. 

The chair has a wide variety of seating positions, thus making it capable to correctly position almost every user. The chair is very suitable for users who have had: Hip surgery, users in pain, users with bone cancer, sclerosis, palsy, spasticity, users with low tone, brain damage and neurological problems. 

The simple remote control makes it easy to operate the chair, even without training or instructions. 


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Specifications M2 Flexi-Tip
Seat height 55.5 - 57.5 - 59.5 - 61.5 cm. Note: Seat lid increases height by 1.5 cm
Seat width 46.5 cm
Seat depth 44 cm
Max height 100 - 102 - 104 - 106 cm
Max width 59 cm
Space between armrests 46 cm
Length (without footrests) 77 cm
Weight 31 kg
Max load 125 kg
  • Wheels: 125 mm wheels with grey rubber and ball bearings. Double working brakes on 3 wheels. 4th wheel is a directional wheel
  • Height adjustment: Telescopic legs in stainless steel with 2 height adjustments, with 2 cm intervals. Height is adjusted with clips
  • Backrest: 39 x 43.5 cm. Depth adjustment up to 10 cm. Netweave with webbing and buckles for depth adjustment. 
  • Foam parts: Seat - 4.5 cm PU foam. Seat lid - 2.5 cm PU foam. Arm supports - 2.5 cm PU foam
  • Motor/batteries: Continuously variable blockable engine. Surface treated metal. Batteries can normally operate up and down 30-40 times before being charged. EL-tightness = IP66 (Dustproof and protected against water beams)
  • Surface/metal: Stainless steel, powdercoated.