M2 Bariatric 300 kg El-Tip

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HomeProductsBathroom AidsM2 Bariatric 300 Kg El Tip

M2 Bariatric 300 kg El-Tip

For users weighing up to 300 kg

Most larger users can be placed in the M2 300kg Wide El-Tip shower/commode chair as it has 72 cm between the armrests. 

The electric motor is driven by batteries and can normally go 50+ times back and forth with max user weight before the battery needs to be charged again.

The chair is as standard equipped with: Horseshoe seat, PU foampads on armrests, lock on the reinforced armrests, double lockable 150 mm wheels on three legs. The last wheel is a directional wheel that provides easier maneuvering and commissioning.

Large range of available accessories including: Height adjustable headrest, Height and depth adjustable headrest, Footrests, Leg supports and side supports.



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Specifications M2 300 kg Wide El-Tip
Seat Height 61 cm
Seat Width 75 cm
Seat Depth 46 cm
Max. Width 83 cm
Space between armrests 72 cm
Length (without footrests) 83 cm
Weight 32 kg
Max. Load 300 kg
Seat angle 28º backwards, 8º forwards
Entry height 53 cm
Height adjustable No
Art. No 310218
ISO Nr. 09 12 03
  • Wheels: 15 cm wheels with grey rubber and ball bearings. Double-acting brakes on 3 wheels. 1 directional fixed wheel. 
  • Backrest: 30 x 70 cm. Depth adjustment up to 10 cm. Net fabric with 4 buckles for depth adjustment. 
  • Foam Parts: Seat - 5.5 cm PU Foam. Armrests - 2.5 cm PU Foam. 
  • Electric Motor / Battery System: Stepless blocked actuator. Batteries can usually drive the chair 50+ times back and forth at fulll charge. El-tightness = IP66 (Dust tight and protected against water beams)