Green Bathe Shower/Bath System

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HomeProductsBathroom AidsGreen Bathe Showerbath System
  • Folds flat for storage
    Folds flat for storage
  • Can be used as a Change Table
    Can be used as a Change Table

Green Bathe Shower/Bath System

Simple bathing system for the growing child

Cost-effective, lightweight and durable shower/bath chair for 1-16 year olds with varying levels of postural difficulties.


  • Chest and Pelvic straps for postural safety
  • Leg straps for control of abduction and adduction
  • Height and width adjustable head cushions provide support and comfort (can be used as lateral supports also)
  • Adjustable legs to enhance stability/adjust height
  • Folds flat for easy storage.

Multiple Use in and around the Home!

  • Bathing/showering
  • At the beach/pool
  • Activities close to the floor
  • Changing table


  • Green Bathe Mobile Shower Stand

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    Green Bathe Mobile Shower Stand

    Mobile Shower Stand with locking castor wheels. 

    Width 69 cm
    Seat to Floor Height 76 cm
    Length 84 cm
    Weight Limit 90 kg


  • Green Bathe Narrow Mobile Shower Stand

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    Green Bathe Narrow Mobile Shower Stand

    Narrow style mobile shower stand with locking castors. Good for areas with restricted space.   

    Width 44 cm
    Seat to Floor Height 74 cm
    Length 84 cm


  • Green Bathe Tub Stand

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    Green Bathe Tub Stand

    Tub Stand Accessory for additional height. 

    • Height Adjustable (see dimensions below)
    • Slip Resistant legs
    • Folds flat for storage
    • Quick-release locks allow chair to be easily attached or removed
    Width 43 cm
    Height 13 cm - 25cm
    Length 32"
    Weight Limit 90 kg




Age Group: 
Size Medium (#6012) Large (#6013)
Approx Age Range 3-10 years 6-16 years
Max Weight / Capacity 55kg 72kg
Seat Depth 33cm 42cm
Seat Width 37cm 37cm
Back Height 64cm 81cm
Seat to Floor Height 5-18cm 5-18cm
Length of Top Surface 97cm 124cm
Weight of Chair 6.5kg 6.6kg


Mobile base measurements Narrow model
Seat to floor height 74cm
Width of base 44cm
Length of base 84cm



2 years


Product Feedback from VNT

How easy is it to transfer the child in/out? Very easy! A good secure base for the child so that they are able to relax and be transferred easily.
How easy is it to adjust the settings? E.g. leg height, backrest options?  Simple and straightforward.
Does your client enjoy being in the Green Bathe? Yes. The bath seat is very stable and allows for great comfort and support. Also the feet can be extended so that the child is closer to the bottom of the bath and can get right into the water, so they play and can stay warm.
Have you used the Tub Stand and how has this been beneficial to your client and their carers? 

When the tub stand is used, the carer does not have to bend so far over to reach the child in the tub, especially if a hand held shower is used.

How easy is the equipment to manage e.g. clean etc?  Simple. 
How do the parents like the product? 

The parents I have suggested use the bath seat are all very pleased with the product. They appreciate the safety aspects as well as the reduced stress on their backs!

Please tell us your own comments regarding the Green Bathe. 

The Green Bathe is a simple and manageable solution to a difficult problem for our disabled children who are a little older.