Dukki toilet/shower chair system

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Dukki toilet/shower chair system

Comfortable, easy-to-clean and functional shower/toilet chair



  • tilt (-5–60˚) and removable abduction block prevents the child from sliding out.
  • Foot straps and pelvic/chest straps ensure safe positioning


  • Easy-to-clean surfaces


  • A removable cushion inlay is supplied which offers comfort for extended periods of sitting.
  • No sharp edges.

Fine Design

  • Robust, non-corrosive material.

Adjustments and use...

  • Use the height adjustment on the frame to achieve the most ergonomic height for the carer.
  • Frame can be disassembled for transportation/storage.
  • Adjustable headrest and footrest offers comfortable positioning.
  • The huge tilt range assists washing the child from all sides and washing hair.
  • The abduction block has an internally shaped urine conductor for boys.
  • The armrest offers safety and independence.
  • The abduction block and armrest can be quickly removed for easy transfers.


  • Flat Headrest

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    Flat Headrest

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  • Anatomic Headrest

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    Anatomic Headrest

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  • Footstraps

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    6050 6126 291 - Padded Foot Straps Set


Age Group: 
Specification Size 4
Code #6054
Approx Age 9-14 years
Seat Width 32 cm
Seat Depth 38 cm
Back Height 48 cm
Maximum Load 50 kg
Seat Height 48.5-60.5 cm
Angle Adjustment -5 - 60º
Weight 13 kg
Width 60 cm
Length 80 cm
Lower Leg Length 29-43 cm



2 years except parts