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When Medifab exhibited at the Source Kids Disability Expo in Brisbane, the team met little Phoebe - a beautiful child, and the proud owner of a pink Bingo Evo by Medifab.

But there was something different about Phoebe's Bingo that made it stand out from the crowd even more than it did already!

Phoebe's Bingo is fitted out with some stunning designer covers hand-made by the clever team at Tubie Fun

These covers sit over the top of the regular Bingo covers and help to keep Phoebe’s Bingo Evo looking clean and brand new! With press studs to keep them fitted, they are easily removeable and can be washed when required.

Tubie Fun are able to make these covers in a huge range of different fabric options and also have a range of other feeding tube accessories to match.



About Tubie Fun

Tubie Fun is a company based in Queensland that make accessories for special needs children with feeding tubes. These stunning hand-made products are available for purchasing online on their website. Amongst other accessories, Tubie Fun sell Button Pads, Bags, Connection Covers, G Tube Belts, Hand Sanitiser Holders, and Cocooned Adaptive Clothing! They also offer custom orders including covers for Medifab's Bingo Evo Stroller

Glam up your Bingo Evo by reaching out to the team at Tubie Fun to discover how they can help!

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