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Medifab always puts safety first, so our product consultants have put together several Safety Checklists for most of the special needs car seat range we offer. These checklists include tips for parents and care givers so they can ensure that their car seat is always being used in a safe manner.
Presentation notes of Paul Everett from Jenx on the Clinical Benefits of Standing.
Learn about the clinical benefits of tilt in space as seen on the Quickie Iris and Quickie Zippie.
Nursing/Residential Care Home, Middlesbrough 2016/2017 Authors: Kim Owens and Gemma Daly – Occupational Therapists, Middlesbrough Social Care
Trouble with two? A big question when it comes to strollers...
How pressure mapping can help reduce the risk of skin damage; The importance of managing the skins temperature; Assisting the microclimate interface; Thermal insulation & breathability
Enable fast product finding with easy comparison between Medifab product solutions.
Isofix and which Medifab car seats can be used if your vehicle has this.
Standing is a great way to improve your child's outlook on the world and their physical development.
Access the Medifab library of helpful resources to assist families who are being introduced to sleep systems as part of a 24 hour postural care routine.
Symmetrisleep Case Study. Presenters: Nicola Aburto and Sarah Brown
With product selection guide, example usage, and tips and tricks. Medifab's comprehensive sleep system directory and family workshop booklet.
The pelvis is the key to maintain correct posture as it dictates the position of the head, trunk and extremities for users in wheelchairs.
Solution-solving guide for challenging behaviour situations with Medifab - the behavioural needs specialists.
Assistive advice with vehicle seating.
Tutorial videos on how to setup and make adjustments to the Bingo Evolution
Postural Care made easy with the Care Wave Lying and Positioning Range! Continue reading to discover how positioning is made simple with Care Wave. This book covers positioning of the head, chest, arms, legs, feet and shows suggested positioning overviews.
Your guide to choosing the perfect harness for your requirements!